Our analysis of Rhythm City

It has been obviously a long time since we wrote something about our favorite play: Rhythm City. We are catching up on the episodes...

Is Mthunzi gone for good?

The much awaited departure from the Langa family by Mthunzi has finally happened even though we are not sure if he is gone for...

Are we going to see Mthunzi exposed anytime soon?

Mthunzi Mayiza is probably the most despised villain on E-TV’s Scandal drama.   His devious acts have angered many viewers who recently called to...

Reviewing Mthunzi’s Character on Scandal!!!

Is this the end of Mthunzi?

Why are the Langa’s family still stuck with Mthunzi?

The woes faced by the Langa family seems to be far from over as they are unable to send Mthunzi away even when he is helpless!!!!