Reviewing Mthunzi’s Character on Scandal!!!


Even though the character hated by most of the audience for the role he is playing, we must somehow give him the credits for been able to play the character convincingly. Mthunzi should be commended for playing the character perfectly despite the difficulties and the endurance of the physical strains he had to undergo when sitting on the wheelchair.

Mthunzi is playing a very smart character who is able to fight against all odds and emerge victorious. His character has shown to be strong and continue to outsmart the Langa’s as well as his mother who is desperate to see him recover from the shot wounds.

When watching the character sitting on the wheelchair you may confuse him to someone who is wheelchair bound until you see him sneak and rise on his own.  I think the confusing part to the audiences is how the character has managed to recover from the wheelchair after the doctors had declared him invalid after been shot!! We have also seen the character of Boniswa Langa injecting Mthunzi with some drugs that will make his situation worse.

The storyline where Boniswa is seen injecting Mthunzi’s character is not convincing because if he was pretending he would have not allowed that to happen. Another question that remain unanswered is that of him and his mother not having plans to leave the Langa family alone. Why are they not leaving to go and start their new life somewhere?

It is also not believable for Mthunzi’s nurse, Sewela, to have witnessed Mthunzi rising up and does not put it as her reason to leaving the caregiving job. One would expect her to disclose the information to at least one member of the family before walking away.


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