Are we going to see Mthunzi exposed anytime soon?


Mthunzi Mayiza is probably the most despised villain on E-TV’s Scandal drama.   His devious acts have angered many viewers who recently called to boycott watching the story if the character is not exposed. This story-line has been running for a long time, spanning from mid last year. Just when the audience were about to celebrate his downfall, Mthunzi proves that just like a cat, he too has nine lives – if not more.

Mthunzi is one of those character that you would hate for been superhuman as he continues to surprise other characters in the story-line through his actions. In fact, it is strange for the “Villain” to survive many attempts on his life as though he is the Protagonist. He also proves to be cruel by framing Layla when he uses her accounts to transfer money from Langa family business. Layla is on the verge of trying to clear her name from the courts until Romeo discovers that it is Mthunzi who is working behind closed doors to dent her name.

On the other hand we see Mthunzi appearing as a very witty and manipulative character who managed to turn Sewela, his nurse, against the Langas. He also convinced her to take him back to the hospital as one of his plans to escape from the Langa family. The nurse, Sewela, seems to be attracted to Mthunzi and that makes her to be willing to help him no matter what? As a secretive character, Mthunzi, did not tell Sewela that Dambisa is his mother, neither did he tell his mother that he can talk and walk. Even when cornered, he is a quick thinking character who is able to come up with something to save the day. Sewela asked him about his relationshipwith Chichi, though it came as a surprise he managed to brush off the suspicions she heard from Romeo Medupi.

As if they had connived against the Langa family, Dambisa manages to spy on Boniswa and Grace Medupi (Romeo’s mother) as they shared the news that Xolile is carrying Romeo’s child. When asked Boniswa brushed off the utterances as baseless and to be rumours that Romeo is spreading. After confronting Xolile about the rumours, Dambisa was not convinced with the news and thought that it was just a ploy to get her and Mthunzi to leave the Langa family.

Even though the audiences (viewers) hates Mthunzi’s character they must still wait for a long time to see him try clean up the Langa’s family business account. Lastly, it is not believable that a character in a normal real life situation can act like Mthunzi by tormenting those people who have providing for him!! The audience were left with suspense when watching Dambisa joining the family for their dinner, and her character picking the knife, looking at it before turning her eyes across the table where Boniswa is sitting. The audience will have to wait and see what is going to happen during their dinner.


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