Why are the Langa’s family still stuck with Mthunzi?


The development in the storyline in Scandal has brought about many changes from characters initial chatacterisations that we know. The character of Ma-Maduna(Dambisa) has transformed tremendously to be a forceful and a bully at the same time.

Now that her son, Mthunzi, is confined to the wheelchair, she is no longer playing her previous role of a worker (assistant), but of a powerful bully who worries about losing nothing. She has transformed into an arrogant character who does not mince her words when calling her boss, Boniswa, ntombazana, little girl.

On the other hand, she is taking over Siseko’s bedroom to her son and claims that Mthunzi needed a bigger space for himself, blaming all his woes to Siseko.

Dambisa aka Mamaduna approved of the interviewee (Sewela) without considering the costs as she says the Langas will pay the nurse whatever she will ask for her compensation!!!

Dambisa is caught conaulting with her sangoma from Matatiele at the Langas home without getting permission, and that did not go down well with Boniswa. The sangoma from Matatiele stayed at the hotel and Dambisa told Boniswa that the langas will pay the hotel costs.

The audiences were treated with some fun when Yvonne visited the Siseko family to meet Mthunzi. “Yes, you are a vegetable now, and I wish you stay like this for the restvof your life”. You are a parcel, just a parcel. Look where you are now, Yvonne said.

Romeo’s character is still working very hard to ensure that Mthunzi is gotten rid completely. Some people believe that Romeo’s character was funny when he slaps Mthunzi from both cheeks during his visitation.

The other characters that deserves mentioning here is Zinzile and Mlungisi whose marriage is on the rocks. Though they both appear to be opting for divorce, it is evident that they are both driven by denial of the fact that they still love one another. Mlu’is drowning himself with liquor whereas Zinzile confides to Gloria that she still loves her husband.

Mlu’s character is convincing as a drunkard because of his gestures, movement and the voice. The character came out so real in the morning when he tries to come back to his senses, especially when he tries to hide the bottles he left on the table the previous night.





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