Is Mthunzi gone for good?


The much awaited departure from the Langa family by Mthunzi has finally happened even though we are not sure if he is gone for good or not. He has been a thorn for the Langa family who did not know how to get rid of him because he has found out about their family’s secret past.

On the other hand Chuma is seen punching Mthunzi who was bidding the family farewell. Before leaving, Mthunzi is seen standing at the doorway looking intently at Boniswa, Chumani, Xolile and Romeo qs if to say”I’ll be back soon”. His facial expression appeared to be saying even if i am leaving, “I am still going to deal with you severely”.

In the interesting twist of things is when Mthunzi phoned Yvonne to bid her farewell and to tell her how much he has gotten from the Langas who were desperate to get him gone from their lives. His utterances appears to be a way of fueling a war between Yvonne, who has shares in the business, to the Langa family.

Is Mthunzi really gone or what, or is he going to find ways of coming back to steal everything from the Langa business? Even though he is going the audience will only be assured of his departure if he does not appear in one of the story-lines again.


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