Film and TV Producer, Director, Fine Artist and Graphic Designer: Is there any limit in Creativity?

Is there any limit in Creativity? How far Can One goes in terms of how they can produce?


Who is BRUCE MZAMO with regard to what he does as a creative (artist) person?

Mzamo Bruce, also known as SBee, is a talented South African all-round creative in the Film and TV / Arts and design industry. He has done so much in taking part on the establishment of a successful TV station in Mpumalanga which is (Rising Sun TV, channel 504 on StarSat) since then he grew his talent on his own by venturing into different mediums of film and tv. He writes, produce, direct, shoot and edit. Sometimes he Conceptualize and Design TV show aspects like motion graphics and he also introduced himself to fine arts, he draws and paint.

Where are you from, and why do you do what you do (your artistic creativity)?

I’m from Mpumalanga, in Nelspruit. I grew up in small village knows as Game but decided to relocate to Gauteng in 2016, so I’m currently based in Johannesburg. I’m doing all these things because I feel like they allow me to be myself, they make me happy and just to share the Gods given talent and to inspire others.

You are a FILM AND TV PRODUCER | CINEMATOGRAPHER | EDITOR | VISUAL ARTIST | GRAPHIC DESIGNER, which one best describes you here, and why?

All of them, the reason why I say this is because ever since I began my journey in the media industry, i found that whenever I do something, it becomes a ladder to climb on to the next thing, so everything I do connects with each other. Whenever I feel the exhaustion that come with film and TV I focus on the fine-arts and find inspiration.  

Can you briefly talk to us about your major successes which earned you a title of a FILM & TV CREATIVE, when was it and the collaborations you had with other visionaries and the role that you play (ed) therein?

I can say everybody who contributes into the medium of film and TV is a Film and TV Creative. You don’t even need an award to have this title, you just have to create and contribute in this sector, So I’ve earned my title in 2018 when I joined the guys who had the idea of establishing a TV Station, we worked together, with God’s grace we accomplished that vision, TV went on a 24hours broadcast in June 2019. That’s when I’ve told myself that I can be anything, because it’s highly impossible for amateurs to accomplished such dream without any TV experience, even though I studied media but it was impossible, I still question myself sometimes “How did we managed to do that?”

What is it that you are currently doing to put food on the table?

I am the table here. Food must find a way to bring itself to me,  I’m kidding right now, I am strictly focused into writing and directing TV commercials. I also shoot some internal videos for corporate companies. I distribute TV lower third motion graphics and I also do fine art.

I can see that you were bestowed with an INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARDS by the  INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCE in 2021, what was it for and who did you competed with?

Yeah, I was actually nominated, under category of JCS young creative in the Emmy awards in New York City. I’m not really sure who are the people I was competing with. What I know is that we were 3 from South Africa and others were coming from other countries.

You COLLABORATED with Timberland SA in designing a Human Rights Day T-ShirtZA, was it a national and or a provincial initiative made by who?

Yeah, I collaborated with this international brand in designing a shirt. This initiative was made by Timberland South Africa, they were looking for a designer/Fine artist/Illustrator to come up with a fresh idea that better tells a story of Human Rights Day. I decided to bless them with my fine art that I’ve drew, titled: Dreams. When I firstly saw that Initiative, I wasn’t really interested in it but a friend of mine insisted for me to part.  I kept on looking at their white t-shirt until I connected with it, I saw the whole complete design in my vision. I remember telling my friend that I have something special for timberland, this one is Healthy “we use the word healthy for anything that is cool”, i told him they better connect with it before it’s too late. He laughed because I said I wouldn’t take part in this thing, I sent it to him, he connected with it and saw the story telling it self on t-shirt. I knew that the brand was going connect with also.

Another collaboration you have had is in the establishment of a Television Station (TV) in Mpumalanga (RSTV, Channel 504 on STARSAT, which role did you play there and or are you still playing in that initiative (Mpumalanga Television Station)?

I was responsible for Producing, Directing, Shooting, Editing, Graphic Designing, sometimes I found myself in-front of camera doing presenting. I’ve done a lot of things, I had a platform to educate myself, prove myself and find myself. Working there prepared me for any tv role, I was exposed to everything. But you know sometimes the bright lights of success can blur your eyes, so there were people who ended up not seeing who was there when nobody was, that’s what happened after the success of RSTV, new people came in, the old ones were forgotten, so later in December 2019 I decided to excuse myself. Since then, a lot sad stories happened within the management.  2022 January there was a sabotage that took place in the server room in Midrand, that’s when i decided to make a comeback and assist in restoring the server and handle TV broadcast playout. Because I cannot just seat and watch people ruining what we have worked hard for. I am currently helping in the technical department.

Can you talk me through the following initiatives you were involved in:

  • Tsonga Society and the University of Cape Town.

     Tsonga Society is an initiative of the University of Cape Town. I was called to conceptualize and design

a logo for that initiative. I have illustrated a Tsonga lady dancing, now they use it in their branding.

  • New jaguar I-PACE manifesto film (YouTube) – What was the purpose of this video?

New Jaguar I-Pace video purpose is to get premium car buyers and future prospects excited about electric vehicles, specifically the SA car of the year 2020, the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE. The voice-over was done by Zaba D Mokoena, she has a sweet voice. I like to mention her name whenever I talk about the work we’ve done together.

The title of your Video, “Free Yourself which has WON you the EMMY AWARDS in New York City “ gives a positive self-initiated freedom to individual persons, tell us what was the motivation behind this project (video)? Whose brain child was the Video and what was your role therein, if any?

The Free Yourself short film, was written, produced and directed by Myself, the one and only Mzamo SBee, it is narrated by Dre. And it didn’t really Won the award, It just won the nomination. I consider nominations as wins because they show that we doing a great work and we moving.  The motivation behind this video was PEACE, it just gives an awareness of the people who are helping in the streets to bring ourselves into peaceful minds.

I see you have also worked on a YouTube video promo for the Cradle of Humankind, when was it and what was the promo about (intended to achieve)?

Cradle of Human Kind Promo Video was done in November 2021 but I started shooting in September because it was shot in different places, so I had to travel to all those places mentioned in the script, like Lanseria airport, Bothongo Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Sterkfontein Cave, Tshisa Nyama somewhere in Kagiso, and The Cradle Hotel. The Promo aims to achieve and alert tourist about the active shot left spots in the cradle site.

You are a man of many talents, far from been a Film Director, you are a Fine Artist & Illustrator. Can you briefly tell us about the later (Fine Artist)?

Fine Art was my 1st love. I used to draw a lot of sketches when I was in primary. But never really knew that it would become part of my life forever. It has always been in my blood. It is something that comes natural to me. Later in 2014 I decided to introduce myself into digital illustration. I drew some cartoons on a phone and on computer.

What are you currently working on (as a creative person) and how long have you been doing it?

Currently I’m working on a series of Internal Videos for MiWay, the insurance company. I’m responsible for directing, Shooting and Editing. I’m also pitching for few TV ads.

What is your motivation and or inspiration in FILM AND TV PRODUCING | CINEMATOGRAPHER | EDITING | VISUAL ARTIST | GRAPHIC DESIGNING as the roles you play as an artistic person!! What skills do you require to be able to perform all the roles effectively and successively?

My motivation in everything that I do is to complete a difficult project. I often struggle to believe in myself sometimes but being able to make a client happy gives me assurance that i am the best in what I do. I would say the skills required to perform all these roles would be, creativity and time management.

How can you explain your educational journey in terms of the institution you qualified from and the years of your studying?

I’ve done Journalism and media studies, but I was more interested in to media production which had some in sites of film and TV. Throughout my studies I was exposed into Entertainment, sometime I would take my camera and shoot videos and photos of celebrities at the events. I can say I was tasting the dream.

What are the AWARDS, HONORS AND ACHIEVEMENTS you have received so far, and what does they say about you as a creative person?

So-far I got an Emmy Award nomination in New York, I got a T-shirt Collaboration with Timberland. And I’m still coming with more achievement.

Who are your target audience and/or listeners? Do you think you are able to reach them through your artworks (films, video, and music?  How do you get your artworks (music, video, and films) to them?

I don’t really create based on what people like, I always let the project show me what it wants to be. Then it’s up to them if they emotionally connect with the projects or not.

When did you (started to) realize that you are artistically creative?

Realized when I was in Primary. I was a go to person whenever people needed drawings and info graphics for portfolio.

Are there any Musicians and or Film Makers who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

In the film and TV I’m inspired by the work of Thabang Moleya, Director of Happiness is a four-letter word, and the happiness ever after. His work carries emotional and comedic approach at same-time.

In the fine arts I’m inspired by the work of Nelson Makamo. He is very gifted in applying brush strokes that can make you connect with his arts emotionally. And his arts are appreciated globally

Describe your worst performance and or creation or production, and tell us what you learned from this experience?

I don’t really have a standing out worst performance I remember. But mistakes happen in production or in designing. There are times when you would think a project is well done but find that a client comes with so many changes.

Which qualities do you think make a great artist?

Creativity, story-telling, creating your own identity and consistency.

What is your advice to the aspiring artists?

Make each-day count towards reaching your success, practice and stop seeking for validation. If they don’t connect with your creations now, relax they will catch-up later.


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