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  1. Briefly tell (talk) to Me about Chris M Induku Entle with regard to who he is and what he does as an artist? Chris M is a young man from Eastern Cape, he is a Singer and Songwriter. Basically, he writes and sings his own music 🎶  
  • You are the CEO | OWNER | MUSIC PRODUCER | which title best describes you here, and why? Owner describes me better because I own my work.  
  • Which label are you affiliated to and/or with, and why? I would say I’m affiliated with my “OWN Record Label”, since I’m independent so yeah outside my label no other company. I’m affiliated to my own because no other company tried to sign me.
  • Which genre is your music, and why is that important to you? AFROPOP because I think I’m able to express myself freely and I believe I do better telling my story through AFROPOP.
  • Can you talk me through your motivation and or inspiration in music,? What skills do you require to be able to play music with confidence (effectively and successively)? My motivation and inspiration it’s to see my music touch other people in different ways, in addition to writing and singing songs that touches people’s hearts and emotions. Skills you require I would say that people must be themselves. That’s a skill everyone possesses than trying to be someone you’re not. Be yourself and that is where your confidence is!!
  • How long have you been singing and who are you working with (as a team/group)? I have been doing music professionally like 8 years I’m working with my manager, producer like I have a small team!
  • Where and when did you learn about music? I learnt by just writing, writing, and writing what I felt to be honest.  I never went to school for MUSIC, I started by writing, and later stood in front of the mirror and started singing, and gradually love for it grew step by step.
  • Can you talk to me about :
  • (a)“ New Unity Records”, what influenced the establishment of Unity Records, and what does this name suggest in an organization? It’s the love of ownership since I couldn’t get a deal with other Labels, so I decided to ESTABLISH it, and the name suggest “Coming Together” since we know in the music industry there’s MULTIPLE DIVISIONS.  I believe in Unity and coming together, you know!

(b) “My Gift To You”, what is the message about here and who it is directed to? “My Gift To You” it’s an Album I released with the intent that its message will impact everyone that HEAR & LISTENS my music. Those that get touched by it, it is “My Gift To You” to enjoy, LOVE & LIVE!!

  • Who are you collaborating with and what do you stand to benefit in that collaboration? I collaborate with everyone who sees value in my work, and willing to go forward to achieve their goals in life. I sometimes benefit in monetary value and experience though that is the last thing for me as my focus is to learn and expand my horizons in the industry.
  • Who are your target audience and/or listeners? Do you think you are able to reach them through your music?  How do you get your music to them? “My audience are those who believe in love and good music which have appealing messages”. The thing is I hardly get to Radio Stations and TV, as well as social networks and digital platforms where I can promote my work with ease.
  • When did you start singing/songwriting, and performing? I started singing very early age 12 but performing I started like later on wen I took music professionally like 8 years ago.
  • What is it that you expect the listeners/ audiences to get from the song? What does the song(s) communicate about your personal life as a musician as most musicians uses songs to express themselves? I expect the audience to get hope, believe that everything they are going through will pass and those bad days will be replaced by good ones. My music is replete with messages about life whether happy or bad because I know that people go through real ISSUES out there.
  • Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them? There’s many musicians that inspire me, for example we have musicians like Ringo Madlingozi, Don Jazzy, Akon, Ntando, and many more others whose music conveys real life messages. Some of these musicians managed to build their own Record Labels.
  • Describe your worst performance. What did you learn from this experience?  My worst performance I think was just one of those days were I just couldn’t impress the crowd, and they couldn’t relate because they wanted to dance and my set that day was deep songs that make you think the realities of life. The lesson learnt there was that I should learn to prepare for any other performance, for a BIG audience of SMALL.  
  • Which qualities do you think make a great (artist)? Willingness to learn, passion for music, those are the best qualities you should have because in willingness and passion for music best will come out in you and you destined for greatness.
  • What is your advice to the aspiring artists?  My advice for the aspiring artists is that they should believe in themselves and never give up, because hard work pays.


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