Actor and Voice Over Artist, Is there a difference?

In the arts you determine your destiny


Briefly tell (talk to) Me about Andy Mnguni with regard to who she is and what she does as an artist?  Where are you from, and why do you do what you do (your artistic creativity)?

Hi my I’m Andy Mnguni, A South African Actress and a Voice Over Artist. I have great passion, commitment and dedication to the Arts🎭. I’m originally from Durban, Kwa-Mashu, in KZN province. Resides in Johannesburg. You are an ACTRESS| VOICE OVER ARTIST, which one best describes you here, and why?

Can you briefly talk to us about the different characters you have played on TV, which one is your most and least favorable, and why?

All the Characters I’ve portrayed have been my favorites because each character has been different & has given me different challenges but in all, I go as far as researching about the person I’m to portray. So, all that excites me and I embrace that character for the duration of the shoot.

Your role as Sindi in the Mzanzi Magic drama series “The Republic” was both interesting and challenging at the same time, why?

Playing a role is and will always be challenging because as a CHARACTER you are trying to become someone that you’re not and you must do it PERFECTLY so that their representation is clear to the audiences.

I see that your first appearance on National TV was on an EPISODE of the SABC 1 Educational Series SOUL BUDDYZ (Season 2, Episode 10), can you briefly explain the feeling you had then about your appearance?

Actually my very first Television appearance was in year 1997, on a SABC 1 drama series called “Ithemba lokugcina” I played a Lead character “Pinky” who was a FASHION DESIGNER.

You featured as a guest STARRING ROLE in the SABC 1 SOAPIE, “MZANZI” and later in the SABC 3 SOAPIE, “ISIDINGO”, which role (one) appealed to you the most here, and why?

I liked and enjoyed both ROLES here, because for me playing a particular character means learning to become different people in their different settings, which means I must give it my all!

In the arts we believe that there is a meaning in a name, Can you take a brief moment to talk to us about NOMPILO who was the main subject of a TWO part EPISODE entitled “The Wedding” in the Second Season of the SABC 1 Police Procedural Crime drama, MTUNZINI.COM. Does the character lived their name in the mentioned contexts?

Oooh, Yes, there are hidden meanings in names. However, her’s was just coincidental that she was called Nompilo without really carrying a specific meaning to her character. The character was killed following crimes which happened in the play, and that somehow create a link to her name with what happens in the storyline.

(In 2016, Andy guest starred in a Season 2 episode of the Mzansi Magic drama series Saints and Sinners and later that year had a guest role in the SABC1 legal drama series Sokhulu & Partners). You are a very busy person and hardworking: Can you briefly talk to us about what a normal day looks like to you!!

As an ACTRESS or ACTOR one does not have the luxury of time to be at the same place for a longer period as we are always jostling for the available roles to play. We are always on the way and or shooting (scenes).

Briefly explain to us the characters you played in “EHOSTELLA”,and other roles in other projects that you’re participating in!!

The number of projects I’ve been involved with, ie. Durban Gen, eHostela, The Republic, Sokhulu & Partners, Ambitions, Saints & Sinners, Lucky Specials, Hijack Stories … have all been huge Productions that have given me such recognition in the industry.

We devoted most of our time ASKING QUESTIONS about ANDY MNGUNI as a character, can you tell us a bit about Andy Mnguni as a VOICE ARTIST or SINGER now?

Being a Voice Over Artist is quite easy when you’re an Actor coz your voice needs to attract the listener in whatever you promoting /advertising. I’ve such a Heavy, Deep and Authoritative voice. So, it works in my favor when they want to use a voice that draws attention.

I learned that your Voice Over Service is in TRANSLATING SCRIPTS from Zulu to English & English to Zulu scripts, is it by choice or knowledge?

Zulu is my home language and English is the main language used by many to express themselves, even here I feel more comfortable using the two languages than others. Well, I can do other languages, but I am more than happy to use Zulu and English!!

When did you (started to) realize that you are artistically creative?

The journey to self-discovery is not an easy one because it involves how one positions themselves and how they manage to grab the opportunity as it presents itself. For me it is not about “the when”, but “the how” because it is the beginning of the journey.

What is it that you expect the readers/listeners/ audiences and viewers to get from your characters (acting)? What does acting or appearing on national TV communicate about your personal life as sometimes some roles can be used as a platform to express oneself?

I give my all to what I do, and as such I expect the audience to get exactly what is expected of the character that I portray on stage. The thing is, when I play a role I am convinced that I am actually portraying somebody’s (real) life and I must do it heartily.

Describe your worst performance. What did you learn from this experience? For me there is no worst performance, rather call it a learning curve from which experience   is gained for other future projects.

Which qualities do you think make a great actor? What is your advice to the aspiring actors? My advice to up and coming Actors, is… :-Know your story -Don’t be in the Arts for fame. -Your passion should be enough to have patience coz things might not always go as you anticipate. -Stay humble, that will take you far in the industry. -Obviously, have the talent that’s expected from you. Be professional at all times. -Stay in pray & Have God’s wisdom to guide you through all the trials and tribulations you might come across along the journey.


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