Kagiso Segone, Hip-hop artist, Writer, Social Activist, Film –Maker, and Media Practitioner from Khutsong, Carletonville!!

All in all, Creatively Gifted.

Writer, Film-Maker, Social Activist, and Media Practitioner-the different caps which are worn by Kagiso Segoe.
  • Briefly introduce yourself with regard to who you are and what you do as an artist? I am Kagiso Segoe, a Hip-Hop artist, Writer, Social Activist, Film –Maker, and Media Practitioner.
  • Seeing that you are wearing many caps on your head, which one career path best describes you here and why? I am more of a Writer and Social Activist.
  • The work and the activities you are involved in requires you to be passionate and have an energy of some sort, so what motivates you? I am inspired by creativity and have a burning desire to see things happening in my community. I desire communicating to and or with different types of audiences who use different types of media platforms.
  • Who inspired you to follow the career path you have taken? My dad was an activist, artist, and musician who liked watching movies and films with us-which I think had an influence on us at a very tender age. He was also an ardent reader and writer.
  • As a creative person, how do you feel about what you do as an artist? I am extremely happy with what I am doing artistically.
  • What piece of an advice can you give to the up and coming artists? My advice is that they should focus on their passion and all the things which makes them happy, otherwise they will lead miserable lives!! They must also learn as much as they possibly can and try doing research regarding their interested field.
  • In the opening you said you are a Film-Maker, how many films have you written so far, and what is their titles? I have four films in my bag up to so far, and they are as follows: One Day– Is a film that looks at the social issues (Poor Service Delivery) happening in the community with the view that “One Day” they will change for the better.
  • Friends– This is the film I made with the intent of educating people about lifestyle (s) in the township.
  • Troublesome– This one is the film looking at school going kids and the social issues they get entangled themselves in while at school.
  • Get a Boy– This is a film which was inspired by my personal story because as a boy there was a time when I wanted to play soccer, but was constrained by social issues including bullying.
  • You also are a musician, how many albums have you produced so far? I have –
  • (a) three (3) mixed tapes, experimental project
  •               (b) Single Track titled “Move it”, which is a fun song with no particular insightful meaning.
  • Can you please talk to me about your future plans!!! My plans includes amongst others the following:
  • -to release music album -to launch my own company under which I will sign my music -shooting a video for the single- Will also tour a lot promoting and marketing my music
  • What makes you to plan launching your own company from which to sign others? I have been hustling for twenty years from which I got the opportunity to be signed under other labels, but did not work for me. I have learned a lot about the business side of music which led me to the gruesome findings about exploitation of artists in the industry.
  • How are you been perceived in the community, and what could be the reason for that? I am misunderstood because I do a lot of things at a time which are happening at the same time, and ultimately makes me popular. Actually, I am multi-talented person who is also seen as a threat because of my competitive edge.


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