Celebrating heritage day in style


Life will never be the same for the young learners from Khutsong, Carletonville after visiting the Soweto Theatre, which is in the heart of Soweto. This life changing experience came after they were called in to participate in the drama project that was sponsored and supported by Mvuso Project and Wits University’s Drama for Life Project.

It was the team’s first experience to act and been watched by hundreds of the audiences who eagerly awaited to see the school that will outperform those participating. Badirile Secondary School team was headed by their dramatic arts educator and HOD, Mr Rabaloi who was accompanied by Mr. Tau TJ, who also teach at the same school and department. The group consisted of two groups which were led by the two (artists) faciitators namely, Kay-Kay Sambo and Nkosana Samane.

“Hard work pays”, those are the words of the educator and the HOD of the school, Mr. Rabaloi joel, after his school was awarded a “Bronze Medal” for obtaining position three (3). It was for the first time our learners had gotten the opportunity to see and to perform on a “real performance stage” . The passion from our learners is ignited and we have decided to continue competing in drama and acting as this helps learners to nurture and grow in their passion, Rabaloi said.

Our wish as a school is to be funded so that we can build a theatre and stage that can be used by our learners. Had we had a stage and our learners acquainted with using such we would have gotten first place during the competitions.

we are appealing to the community and business structures within our jurisduction to support the school by donating resources and equipments that can be used to promote performance and acting at our school.


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