Community Interest: Calling to Serve the Community


In this short interview we are going to be hearing about a young man who has dedicated his entire life to serving the interests of his community of Khutsong, Carletonville.

Mahashe’s passion to serve was influenced by his innane talent which he discovered when he was just 12 years old. His background reflect that he participated in drama and at age 17 he managed to establish his own organisation which specialises in drama.

As an artist i write, create and produce films that teaches and help expose the social issues affecting local people of Khutsong, Carletonville. “I think film production is important in the communityas a vehicle for generating revenue for the unemployed youth”, said Mahase. I am only working with a team of 15 young people, all of whom are unemployed.

Chencha Mocha Production’s plan is to shoot a movie titled “Legomosha”, as a vehicle to expose the incident wherein a number of people (Magomosha, police and securities) has died from the shootout following spate of illegal mining and criminal activities at the Merafong municipality. When asked about why he has named his peoduction company that name he said, ” the name literally means “Gold Diggers”following the activities that they do in the community.

I also intend creating a loval soapie that will be aired on public broadcasters such as SABC & eTV channels, said Mahase. Chencha Mocha Productions is faced with many challenges which stems from resources and a place from which to practice.

Our gratitude goes to our Local Ward Counsellor who assisted us with obtaining a certificate in addition to referring us to the municipality, said Mahase. We are proud to have produced a documentary that unravels gangsterism and theft in the community.

Any prospective funders are welcome to fund this initiative which seeks to develop young people and create employment opportunities for the youth.


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