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Abednego is a young upcoming artist who hails from Sephukubje, gaMamaila-Kolobetona in the province of Limpopo. “I am quite new in the music industry, said Abednego Mashala”. I only started music last year (2016) around June, but my intention is to reach the entire province of Limpopo with my music, and will later have a recording studio at his village to help others.

The quest for opening a new studio is to be able to help other young artists who are facing the same challenges I am facing with regard to quality recording. He alludes to the fact that it is difficult to produce quality music without proper equipment’s.

My plea is for government to create a body that will assist and unite artists across the country as that will help remove young people from the streets. ANN as he is affectionately known by his fans is fortunate to have a friend who owns a recording studio and allow him to do all the productions free of charge.

His track is entitled, “MABRUNDIES”, which means ladies or girls according to him. The message behind the track, “Girls should never say it is over when they still in love with the person”. The track is triggered by his previous relationship with a girl who reacted negatively even though she was still moving the guy.

His advice to young people or the upcoming artists is that they should never give up on their passion, and should continue working hard until they achieve what they wanted. Like other musicians we spoke with in the province of Limpopo ABN is pleading for assistance in terms of sponsorships and resources that will make life easy for them.

Despite all the challenges and hardships that he is faced with, he is happy that he got the support from his family, community and the listeners. ABN intends studying BA Media Studies in the future and is awaiting opportunities for funding to pursue his studies.



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