Gospel Star Emerging From Limpopo


Solly is a gospel music singer who hails from Limpopo, ga-Mamaila village. His love for music is sparked by his desire to praise God and to cater for his needs. He started his music career in 1994, and he conceded that he had had many challenges such as shortage of instruments and other financial constraints.

His hard work paid when he managed to produce the 10 Albums under his name, and they included the following-Shapha Matsogo, which means, “Clap hands”,Ditheto, which means”Praises”, Modimo Waka, which means “My God”, Khutso e teng, which means “There is peace”,Jesu ke karabo, which means “Jesus is the Answer”,Jesus ja sebelebele, which means “Jesus Himself”, Ntate theola moya, which means ” Father let your Spirit fall”,Ke rata go sepela nagom which means, “I want to walk with you”,Nanoga pelo yaka, which means “Arise my heart”.

Solly’s favorite song is “Shapha Matsogo” as it is the one through which he had managed to sell more than a thousand copies. What keeps him going us the fact that he gets invites and/or hired to perform somewhere on a weekly basis. He got called to perform at the weddings, funerals, parties, churches, etc.

Solly is a soloist as he is not in a position to can pay other artists due to financial constraints. He likes singing and playing a piano. His advice to the upcoming artists is that they should not rush to make money, but endure the hardships to learn more in order to gain experience.

Mr Malematja is on the verge of recording Live Video, and his main challenge is the sponsors who pull out at the last minutes. Confronting the municipality for assistance in this matter proved wrong as I was told that the municipality does not have money for such projects like mine. I think I am doing a great job, said Malematja, and believe that the municipality should help me as I am trying to help the youth who are unemployed from roaming the streets. As an artist i want recognition and to appear on public platforms such as televison, newspapers, internet, social media,magazines and other forms of platforms that will help me promoting my music.



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