Oska Bhora Moreki

“ A kere Wena ga ona Tshelete”


It’s no secret that King Monada’s latest hit track, Oska Bhora Moreki, is all the rage on dance floors across the country. However, the Limpopo-born artist claims that he didn’t see it all coming.

The track starts with the following chorus, “Go Reka Nna”, is a Sepedi language which means, “I am the one who is buying or it is me who is buying”,the chorus continue to say, “Oska bhora Moreki”. Moreki is loosely translated as making reference to someone who is empowered or rather with financial muscles to use his/her money when others cannot afford.

“Akere Wena ga ona Tshelete”,is again making a comparison between individuals who can and cannot afford to buy due to their financial status. We can deduce from the chorus, “ A kere Wena ga ona Tshelete”, which means –because you do not have money. There is another interesting line after the sweeping statement about those who do not have money which goes like, “Ono gotlelela”, which suggests that the one who does not have money must just endure or be strong as he is going to be exposed when Moreki is showing off his financial muscles.

On the other hand we hear the singer saying, “O otlwa ka nna”- which means I call the shots because you do not have money, and “O rongwa ke Nna” which means “I send you wherever I want” because you do not have money. This brings a narrative about the society where people with money take advantage of those who does not have money. Get send far away to buy drinks and to also prepare braai, but get nothing or little in return.

Apart from interpreting the song line by line we can allude that the song is about people showing their financial muscles. We can deduce that there is a lot of competition and some people might get tempted to overspend their hard earned money as they want to be recognized as people with money.

The track, Oska bhora Moreki, has got an undertone of encouraging guys to spend more money with the intention of showing off their financial strength. We can delve into saying that some people are tempted to even spend their last monies because of the pressure to prove that they too have money to (buy) impress. How do you impress beautiful girls except to wash hands, after meals, with expensive brandy, whisky, wine, etc. What about telling the girl behind the counter to “Keep Change” after buying six cans?

For me the track, “OSKA BHORA MOREKI” does not have a clear message, but to elevate those with financial muscles. The song is replete of repetition of lines such as, Oska bhora Moreki, go REKA nna, Ga ona Tshelete, and Ono gotlelela. What is interesting about the song is that it challenges people and make them laugh at themselves for not qualifying to be in a particular company of people.

The single has managed to place King Monada into a league of dance music stars, including Babes Wodumo, who quickly managed to win the hearts of South Africans through their hit songs.



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