Mpho Edwin Malebye on how he is an Actor!!


Interview With Mpho Edwin Malebye, an Actor!!

Acting can be challenging as well as fulfilling at the same time, depending on how one is prepared to pay the price. In this interview, we are catching up with an Actor, Director, Screenplay Writer, and Drama Teacher who explains how he managed to build a career for himself in an incredibly competitive industry.

Mpho Edwin Malebye is a South African upcoming professional Actor, Director, Screenplay, Writer and Drama Teacher. He is originally from Gauteng Pretoria, but he is currently residing in Johannesburg. Malebye is well known for his acting appearances on TV, but his dream is to have his own production company. He earned his studies from Tshwane South College.

He earned his first appearance in 2021 at “The River Season 4“, 1 Magic as a Drunkard Man working alongside Tshepiso, Beauty, Mabutho and Khabzela. Before the end of 2021 Malebye earned another role at “Ludik Netflix Series Season 1” as Felix working alongside the legendary Actor Arnold Vosloo from “The Mummy and Black Diamond”, Episode 2.

In 2016 Malebye began writing stories and motivational quotes on Facebook as a Feleb for his followers who commented and encouraged him to write books and movies. He later started writing Short films for “YouTube” to entertain his fans.

In 2019 he was approached by a neighbor, Grace Maluleke who offered him a background Actors job at “Ifalakhe Mzansi Magic Series” and the very same day he attended the extras job. He was offered a featured role with no lines working alongside the Queens. One agent Managers working with “Stained Glass TV” project noticed the talent in him and approached him after the shoot. There is an old saying that says “If you hang around the barbershop long enough soon or later you’ll also get a haircut”.

After been asked the Self-tape audition for “The River Season 4” by an agent who later submitted it to the production Team who later called to inform him that he got the role and sent him the Call Sheet. My advice to everyone who want to make it is that, “Don’t listen to people when they say you can’t or won’t make it, keep chasing your God-given until you achieve it”Aspring actors should first prioritize completing their matric in addition to  attending institutions that offers acting classes (or lessons).

At “The River Season 4“, he played the role of a drunkard man who was actually having fun with his girlfriend and a lesbian girl Tshepiso whom everyone hates because of her Gender change came in the tavern to have some few drinks alone. The drunkard man approached Tshepiso and questioned her about her gender change. Tshepiso got angry and frustrated and then picked up the bottle to start the fight with the drunk man who was saying trash about her. The drunkard man and his girlfriend walked out of the tavern swearing at Tshepiso and Mabutho .

The role he played at Ludik Netflix was indeed a blessing and lil bit of a break-through. Mpho Edwin Malebye never went to auditions for this role, he went onset as a background actor then the directors loved his looks and gave him the job. He was playing a role of a character named Filex who ws a Warehouse Manager and he works for Mr Ludik (Arnold Vosloo). On the scene he appeared at warehouse store having a conversations with the boss about Charles who was attacked when Mr Ludik had sent to Zimbabwe to deliver some diamonds. Mr Ludik was suspicious to Felix who was a friend to Charles, but was disappointed after finding out that Felix doesn’t know anything about Charles’ whereabouts.

Screenwriters write and develop screenplays for film or TV drama. They do this either based on an original idea, by adapting an existing story into a Screenplay or by joining an existing project on TV. When we use the term ‘screenwriter,’ it may imply the intended usage for the Writer’s Creative Output. It follows that screenplays are scripts that are written specifically for film and TV, or for theater.  Both Screenwriter and Scriptwriter does one and the same work though their titles indicates their intended use of their scripts. On the other hand, when we use ‘scriptwriter could certainly be writing for film and TV, but they might equally be writing other types of scripts outside of video production. For example, they might be writing branching dialogue, or non-playable character bios for narrative video gaming development, which has a different format and use case than a screenplay.

Mpho Edwin Malebye worked with Clive Morris Production as a featured extra who was Shadrack’s comrade who never had a serious role to play. He continued working as an extra with Clive Morris as his goal is to be part of the team.

Moja Love” on Kasi Swindlers Mashaya as Mr Ex who is an abusive boyfriend who is dating a gay person and use him for his money and clothes. Mathabatha and Mr Ex story is on “Episode 4 of Kasi Swindlers” (Mashaya) on Moja love. Supporting role on “Majakathata Sitcom Series Season 3 on SABC2” playing a role of “Second Man“. He appeared playing cards with Khanya who won the game. Second man wanted his money back and threatened Khaya (Episode Scene 4), (Lingashoni season 2) as Thief 1. He appeared working alongside with Thato Molamu who plays Papi on Lingashoni. On all the scenes (Scene 152 and 153) he is exchanging money with Papi and importantly, the script had no lines but Mpho Edwin Malebye created his (own lines) which were approved by the Directors and Producers.

He was given a supporting role as Guru on “Hope TV Channel International” (DSTV), whereas in “Isinqumo Sami Series” he played as the boss in prison who terrorize new inmates. (Episode 7, 8 and 9). Mpho benefited a lot by working around Arnold Vosloo who helped him in building his confidence in acting and to also understanding that entering the scene to play the role of another person (character) is invaluable.

Mpho Edwin Malebye realized that acting is almost like a part time job because sometimes there’s work and sometimes there’s no work. He believes that artists should have multiple streams of businesses that generates income to cater for the needs of the family. He finds pleasure working with kids and helping them to reach their dreams in the entertainment industry.

“My role model is Casper Nyovest, I am inspired by how he hustles and always make things happen, said Mpho Edwin Malebye. He is a go getter and makes a lot of money from across all the sectors. Mpho runs and owns a Cleaning Service from which to spend time when he is not onset.

The memorable moment for Mpho was when he was working with “Moja Love” because that’s when he tasted how it feels like to be a celebrity. He was a lead actor on the show and was getting the best treatment by fans who asked taking pictures with him while he thought he was unknown.

He is of the view that having respect, working hard every day on one’s craft, being consistent and respond to gigs on time and never been late onset is key. He advised aspiring actors not to always wait for handouts, but to go out and ensure that their dreams come true.


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