Business Of Music with Esene ThankGod!!


Interview With Esene ThankGod, a Professional Musician!!!

Business of Music with Esene ThankGod, a Christian, Musician, Pianist, Piano & Music Tutor, Music Consultant, Music Producer, Mix Engineer, and Mastering Engineer and founder of Psalter Studios.

“Working within music can be hard, as the work often brings about a lack of stability. In this interview, Esene ThankGod from Psalter Studios explains how he managed to build a career for himself in a highly competitive environment.”

Esene ThankGod is born into a family of which he is first in the side of the four (4) men. He describe himself as an introverted and calm always. “I’m a Christain and a Musician |Pianist| Piano & Music Tutor |Music Consultant |Music Producer |Mix Engineer | and Mastering Engineer”.

Esene ThankGod conceded that a Pianist best describes him simply because he has been playing the Piano a long time (25 years this year, to be specific) before studying music and making Piano his major in the year 2005. It was later that same year that he started Psalter Studios.

With regard to developing his art career Esene ThankGod has emphasised (everything) building on a strong foundation of love, love for Music and love for the Piano before pointing on attributes such as HARD WORK, DILIGENCE and CONSISTENCY. “It was easy to focus on Music because I love it, I’ve always felt like I had something to say musically and something to give, says Esene ThankGod.

Esene is so talented to an extent of taking a raw musical ideas and transforms them into a complete music and or something to work with (in music). His thoughts for music is more the same as taking it (music) as a person that has personalities and feelings that he could create stories and make statements via sounds. So it was easy for me to focus and dedicate my life to music, expressing her through an instrument (Piano). In the music industry, producing music is seen as a way to express self and the music within.

Esene ThankGod’s preferred PUBLICITY that works and yields results is a Webinar on Digital Marketing Strategies to get a good number of customers (100  to be specific) in 30 days. It was held on Facebook and was anchored by Syvanus Patrick. It was held on the 26th December 2022 though he couldn’t attend following other prior (urgent) engagement.

“Yes, I like describing myself as the “Head Music Producer” at Psalter Studios because I have plans to grow the Studio such that I would be in a position to employ other Music Producers and Engineers so they too can do what they love and earn a good living from it. Psalter Studios was created and or established in October 2005.

The motive behind the establishment of Psalter Studios was to serve (all the community) of musicians and artists who wants to record their music. “I remember how some friend would complain to me about how bad their recording went and sounds, how the music producer or recording Engineer did not capture their exact vision”, says Esene ThankGod. He further mentioned that some musicians would tell him about their poor mix after so much hard work in putting the music together (in the studio). Despite feeling bad about the other (artists) or musicians’ feelings and experiences I prioritize serving them rather than talking too much.  I don’t just work, but I ensure that every work that I touch with my magical hands turns into a quality work following thorough research.

“Most of the time I work alone, although here are times I’ve had assistants and students coming through to work with me”, says Esene ThakGod. There are times when I’ll have to collaborate and or work with other Music Producers and Co-Producers on other people’s projects. On the other hand Esene prefers to work outside Psalter Studios as either a Pianist or Recording Engineer and Producer, or simply as a Music Consultant.

Esene ThankGod does not shy away from acknowledging and admitting all the challenges and pitfalls in order for him to move forward and make progress. “I love music. I count myself privileged to do what I love and make a living through and from it. For that, I’m (forever) grateful to God Almighty for His grace and provision upon my life, confirmed Esene.

It is absolutely important to mention that discipline and commitment are invaluable to embrace when people want to get things (work) done even when the circumstances are difficult to work under and yielding the desired results.  As artists (musicians) there are times you don’t feel like working, there it is where you’ll have to push yourself because you want to express yourself through your artwork. “One need to be disciplined enough to ensure that they show up no matter what!! No matter how hard or discouraging it may be, but just show up”,says Esene ThankGod. There’s is also the part when you show up and just listening to other people’s music to learn and relax. Many times, that too motivates me.

On making a list of the skills required in order to make it as a musician, Esene ThankGod pointed the following; (a) a knowledge of Music (b) basic Music Theory (at least) (c) a study of the Piano (Jazz Piano specifically) (d) ability to play an  instrument, it’s not a requirement in music production, but it helps a lot. This should be accompanied by the knowledge of how various instruments blends and how they work together to produce sounds. Aspiring musicians should be acquainted with the following: Vocal Production, Mixing and Mastering.

“I’ve been playing Piano for more than 25 years in addition to been a Music Producer for 13 years. I’m not sure when I discovered that music was my passion because it has always been what I did naturally, I would play Piano and do Music at church, and I still do it”, said Esene. He was reminded of a day before his JAMB Exams, after having gone out for Piano Practice and got home very late, and that angered his father.

On the other hand, Esene was privileged to have listened to a talk (in 2010) by Les Brown who talked about passion and how to go for it thereby putting aside all fears, then I decided I was going to do music as a profession and commit myself to her fully. “I was born and brought up in Benin City, Nigeria where I am currently working and doing business from my studio (Psalter Studios).

Currently, I’m working on an album, an EP and some some singles for some clients. So for now, I’m not doing any collaborations, said Esene TankGod.

OKAY, Qualities…First, an artist should be able to express music, taking a musical thought and interpreting it in his or her own unique way based on what he or she feels and knows musically. You see, it might sound old school or unpopular, but an artist should be able to play an instrument (Piano or Guitar), Esene advised! Additionally, an artist should have a vision for his or her own music, or musical project if they want to make it in real life.

Esene ThankGod’s advice to (the) aspiring artists is that they shouldn’t be in a hurry to be at the top because that will exert unnecessary pressure in them and end up making unhealthy compromises. First, learn about why you are doing or intend doing music, the answer that comes from this is what will keep you in the years to come, when you feel like giving up.

Learn about your craft, PRACTICE! PRACTICE!! PRACTICE!!! Do something everyday to make you better than yesterday. Stay in your lane, know the season you’re in and do your best. Some are in the season of planting, so sow seeds. Others are in the season of cultivation and strengthening foundations, do so. Note that you’re not in completion with anyone, you should compete and be better than the person you were yesterday.

Be Consistent, Show up even when you don’t feel like it. Be committed. Know your Craft. When you feel like giving up, remember why you started in the first place. Collaborate with other musicians and have Iike minded people around you. Read and study the history of artist you admire. It will give you wisdom and motivate you.

Look for opportunities to serve. It could be in church, serving God, it could be helping other people in the ways you can. Just keep Moving.


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