Nzuri the Songwriter & CEO of Nzuri Publishing!!!

Nzuri is an artist and or musician who is full of life and energy!!!!


Briefly tell (talk to) Me about Nzuri The (ZURI) Songwriter with regard to who she is and what she does as a creative person?

Nzuri is an artist and or a musician who is full of life and energy. She is a thinker who uses real-life situations to create beautiful melodies which are pleasing and makes me happy. Actually, I am proud of the melodies I create and it (sometimes) feels like I did not create those ones. I am a hard working woman who teaches herself daily about songwriting and music in addition to keeping myself abreast with what is happening in the industry!!

I see myself advancing my skills , I compare songs for 2 yrs ago to now I see the growth.

You mentioned that you are originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but currently residing in Atlanta Georgia, was this a business move or what?

“I love Atlanta City, it was a place I always wanted to move to, a place I always wanted to live at”, Said Nzuri. I always wanted to live there, since when I was fifteen (15) years old. At least it happened late in 2015, but better late than never. When I was in the Hair Industry in Ohio I would always come down for the Atlanta Hair Show because I had a sense of belonging to the city.

You are an INDIE SONG WRITER| INDIE MUSIC PUBLISHER | ARTIST AND IMAGE CONSULTANT| SONG PITCHER | CEO | which role best describes you here, and why?

I am honestly fit well the description of Music Publisher, Music Pitching and Songwriting, as this is what I do (almost) everyday with the intention of promoting my brand and to also sell my artworks through good branding.

How did you get here or what made you to focus on Songwriting and also assuming the CEO role?

Songwriting was my passion, it was something I excelled (at) in doing which is why I followed and developed myself on everything associated with Music Publishing Industry.   My ambitions and passion were knitted together on publishing hence I decided to create “Nzuri Publishing”.

When did you start Singing and or engaging in Songwriting?

I started writing songs as a teenager, and this was done for myself because I considered it as my own personal therapy.  I was always good at creating stories, and writing songs about personal situations I found myself in or that affects other people.  I started singing at a very early age, I had a friend who encouraged me to become an artist and that made me pursue my Songwriting career.  He said to me, “You need to start singing your own songs”, and since then I never looked back.

Can you briefly tell us about your job and or role of been a Singer and a CEO at the same time (how do you alternate the roles and responsibilities here)?

I do what is called multi-tasking in order to emerge successful in both jobs as they all demanding.  I have a taste for music and I know when a song is going to be a hit or not or just for pitching it!!

On the other hand, been a Music Publisher is a lot work as it involves finding artist, research their style, genre, and listening to few of their songs. On top of this, one ought to reach out to Music Managers, Labels, and Producers searching for their contacts details. Pitching to Music Libraries is easy as it involves uploading of one’s music in addition to negotiating contracts and signing after reading the FINE PRINT.

You are an Entrepreneur and or CEO of Nzuri Publishing how long have you been in the role?

Nzuri publishing was born in 2015 the first time I introduced my Songwriting to the world.

Briefly describe your background in relation to you as the CEO and Songwriter at Nzuri Publishing. Is there a specific meaning attached to the name “Nzuri”, explain please!!

Being the CEO of Nzuri Publishing entails working a lot. I work in all the positions such as writing, producing, administrative, marketing , pitching , funding , and negotiating contracts. Largest companies have employees for each department and or for different tasks. I am doing everything on my own, but I am working on getting a team together soon.

Well, Nzuri means beautiful in Swahili language. I also own a hair Salon named after me, “Nzuri Hair Salon”. Interestingly, “Nzuri the Songwriter and Nzuri Publishing” were both born from “Nzuri Hair Salon”.

How long have you been a musician, and when did you learn that your passion is in it?

To be honest I have been writing songs to myself (ever since) I was a teenager.  I didn’t introduce my talent to the world until I moved to ATLANTA in 2015, said Nzuri.

Can you please take some time to talk to our readers about the following songs:

  • You got it, I got it too. You Can’t Control Me with your Money(What can our readers learn from this or what is the message you’re conveying here)?

I Got it – is about a Self Sufficient Woman  whose boyfriend tell her to focus on her goals 100% and don’t work as he promised to take good care of her.  Once she made the move, he started to use what he did for her (with his money) as a controlling. So,  you stated ,“ It’s something you don’t even know, but let me , let you know “ I Got it”

  • Foolin, (Your 2019 Single) What are you communicating with this single here?

Song was created in response to the differences between myself and my former boyfriend who thought he was Foolin Me. Instead I hit back by stating the same question, “Who do you think you’re foolin”. This song is about woman having boundaries and not letting man come in her life only when it is convenient for him and when he’s not ready for commitment. Basically, if (commitment) is not what you wants to do , don’t come into my life.

  • I like What I see(Featuring Louis Jake) What is the song about?

This is about when man sees an elegant, beautiful (brown) woman with a body of a “goddess” passes by he aims at getting her attention. He can’t keep his eyes off her!

Who are you collaborating with and what is it that you expecting to benefit from the collaboration you’re involved in?

Collaboration with a male RNB artist since in music business collaborating, networking and building relationships especially when your plan is to fully pursue music as a career.

Can you talk to me about your motivation and or inspiration in Music, what keeps you going? What skills do one requires to be able to work effectively and efficiently as a musician (effectively and successively)?

What keeps me going Songwriting and Music which are my passion and something(s) that I love and enjoy(s) doing (It’s my therapy).

Which qualities do you think makes a great (musician) artist?

Being a Musician is an art, everyone have their own unique qualities which emanates from vocals , fast rap flow , writing style,etc.  In their uniqueness, they bring something on the table, and that is translated as art.

What is your advice to the aspiring artists?

Stay Consistent with your Music,  surround yourself with individuals that inspire and support you!!.


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