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This week we have had the opportunity (this time) to interact with one of the best and unique Musician of our time who hails from Isuada Owo, Ondo State in Nigeria. He is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, but he is always travelling around the world. Our artist is affectionately known in music circles as Nelly B, whereas his real name is OKE NURENI ABIODUN. He earned his stage name (Nelly B) from his classmates who likened him to an American rapper – Nelly, because he sang and dresses like him.

What is in a name, “Nelly B”? Our musician is known as Nelly, from which he added the “suffix” B, to make it more representational, BABA, which means “Nelly “the father”. Interestingly Nelly B appears to us to be a proud father who is rooted in his YORUBA culture. The title and or name, BABA, means a father and has reference to cultural connection which suggest that men are fathers.

Nelly B is a Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer in addition of been the CEO of Nelly Records Label. He is a multi-skilled musician whose roles includes among others been a singer, songwriter, music producer and CEO of Nelly Records Labels and recording studios. He loves singing and that he was born in the family of musicians. “I was born in the family of musicians, my late dad was a musician, and that is evident enough that music run in my blood”, said Nelly B. Even though he appears to be doing or gifted in other areas of the arts his passion in music cannot be described in words.from which he has invested most of his time, resources and energy (to become effective and efficient) as a musicin with passion in music.

His dedication, commitment and love for music has enabled him to establish Nelly Records Labels & Digital Recording Studios, which he has been a CEO for over ten (10) years. Nelly B’s creative work is unique in that he initiated and collaborated with twenty (20) artists (musicians) from different countries to create his Masterpiece album titled “BIGGER THAN THE HEAD MASTER”. When asked about the choices and the decisions which led him to consider collaboration with other artists from different walks of life he said, “I just wanted to make history and spread love with (my) music all over the world”. The initiative took me two (2) full years to complete because of its nature and the different challenges which came about working with different people with different tastes and preferences.

“I have enjoyed every moment of the project as it presented me with the opportunity to learn and appreciate the diverse skills and personalities of other musicians from around the globe”, said Nelly B. At the end he conceded that working on the project was not easy as there was too much disappointments by artists who promised but fails to deliver. This album “Bigger than the Head Master” is done collaboratively with men and women (good singers and rappers) who are serious and committed to their trade (creativity).

Nell B describes self-love as what motivate and “keeps him going when the going gets tough”!! On the other hand Nelly B believes that there is no skill because music is a gift from God. Actually, you don’t need to force yourself to do whatever you don’t love, He suggested that people should do what they love based on their talents and gifting from God Almighty. In addition, Nelly B advised aspiring artists (musicians) to search for their talents at an early age in order for them to find their creative path and ultimately be able to produce good quality music.

Nelly B

(He/Him)  1st degree connection1st

Singer|Song writer|Music Producer| Entrepreneur| Ceo @nellyrecords Labels & Digital Recording Studios | follow @Nellybbeat Everywhere 📧

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