Dreams delayed are not dreams denied!!

“Dreams delayed are not dreams denied”

Mlondi Nkwanyana, Founder, CEO and Lead Voice Over Artist at Sharp Marketing and Promotions!!

Interview with Mlondi Nkwanyana from Dobsonville, Soweto!!

Mlondi Nkwanyana also known as “Mlondi Le Gordito” is a young man from Dobsonville Hostel, which is formally known as “Sphiwe Village” in Dobsonville Soweto.  He is a Voice Over Artist, Actor, TV & Radio Presenter as well as been an Entrepreneur.

In all that I do as an artist I believe and prefer to be called and or described as Mlondi, the Media Personality, he said smilling. He conceded that the reason behind the name “Media Personality” is because he has been involved in a number of things in the Media Industry which includes amongst others the following: Voice Over Artist, Actor, TV & Radio Presenter, as well as a Musician.

He did not shy away to mention about his place of birth when asked, and he boldly stated that he was born at Coronation Mother and Child Hospital, which is now known as “Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital”, and grew up at ekasie, Dobsonville in Soweto. The reason behind my craft is based on the love and passion I developed in the early age of (8) eight because of my personality, which was shaped and honed by my then Grade R teacher Mrs. Adonis who believed and realized my capabilities, said Mlondi.

Mlondi got the opportunity to study and pass my Matric, and he is currently studying towards a Diploma in Marketing Management with Boston City Campus and College. With regard to working he said that he has not joined any radio station at the moment, but he is desperately looking for the opportunity that might present itself where he can settle down to enhance his talent.

I have so far worked on TV Adverts, one was on MTN 8 advert in 2020, and recently I was an Extra on a Pick ‘n Pay ASAP advert, said Mlondi. The two production companies that Mlondi worked with are Senzo Media Productions in 2020, and later joined Sharp Marketing and Promotions from 2021 to date. My role at Sharp Marketing and Promotions is that of a Founder, CEO and Lead Voice Over Artist.  Well, I have diferent skills in Media and Marketing, but I am currently focusing on building my Media Career as well as working on my Marketing Qualification, said Mlondi.

The one thing that we did not know about him is that he had once worked as Barista at Seattle Coffee Company before getting promoted to be a Lead Barista, a title which involves making Specialty Coffee. His is an interesting and funny schedule as his normal day starts with him working as Barista during the day, and as Media Personnel and Entrepreneur later on (afterwards hours).

He conceded that he hardly uses his Voice Over service because he is currently a “Free Agent”, but working on getting a permanent position soon. Mlondi was fortunate to discover that he was creative way back when he was still in primary school, and then he began to gradually nurture the talent he is got by participating in every opportunity that presented itself befor him.

We have different persons in this industry wielding different influential powers to the audiences at large, but I believe that one need to be confident in addition to been humble. One must be open to learn new things but avoid been arrogant.

Lastly, my advice to the young and upcoming artists is that, “Dreams come true if you put them into practice (existence) and act on them, also I quote “dreams delayed are not dreams denied”, let time and nature take its course, everything has its time, and yours shall come also!!


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