Tshego Maloka, a Singer, Songwritter, IT graduate and Entrepreneur!!

Tshego M's Singles, "O Morena", and "Tsela Tshweu" released by TshegoM Jazz Media.


“Tshego M”, whose real name is “Tshegofatso Maloka” is a singer, songwriter, IT graduate and Entrepreneur, who was born and raised in Tshwane, Pretoria. She is a vocalist and an entry level music producer.

Tshego M is an independent musician who is not signed to any label. She founded “Tshego Mjazz Media” in 2019, through which she has released all her singles under. Her type of genre in music is Jazz, though she sometimes features on other genres.  “I worked with Cwell Media and Music, a PR company I worked with from 2018 till November 2019”, said Tshego.

The song , “O Morena” was released in 2019, it means “He is Lord”. The track has emotional connections to Tshego M as she wrote the song when she was  unemployed, degraded and verbally abused for being unemployed by people she had opened her heart to receive as her new family. The song is meant to inspire anyone who feels hopeless,destitute and is going through hurt and discouragement in life.

Jabulani  was released in 2019 as well, it’s a song I wrote for women who are going through the most in their marriages where men are cheating and are constantly putting side chicks first even before their families. Jabulani is a male name we chose to use and Jabulani is a sad song where a woman is telling her man that he’s breaking her hurt.

On the other hand, “Jabulani”, is a song released in 2019, same year as “O Morena” though it was written for women who are going through the most in their marriages where men are allegedly cheating and putting “side chicks” firs before their families.  Jabulani is a male name chosen  to echo  woman’s feelings about (Jabulani) him breaking her heart.

“I worked with Juvinale Dee in 2009 on a song called “Tsela Tshweu”, which is a song about an individual who is not happy about what is happening in their  the love-life and contemplates to part ways with their lover. “Tsela Tshweu” meaning “Go well” and/or “Let’s part ways”,said Tshego M.

Like any other musician, Tsego M is inspired by Lira, Zonke, Berita and Sjava, who are honest about their sound and also how their songs appeals to her. If there is something which Tshego M has learned as a musician is to give the audience what they want in addition to playing with “keys there and there”.

I honestly want to concede that my first performance with the late Gabriel Mabi Thobejani was my worst because I was nervous, especially because it was my first time engaging with a huge audiences”, said Tshego M.

“If there is any skill that I am grateful to God for granting it to me is my ability to connect with the hearts of the people through my emotional writing skills”, said Tshego M.


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