Inxeba cast members moved to safe house amidst security threats


As local film Inxeba (The Wound) continues to court controversy and protest, some of the film’s cast and crew have been moved to a ‘refugee camp’ to protect them from threats.

It is been reported that the cast team have been receiving death threats following their roles in the film. One of the film’s writers, Malusi Bengu said while he could not speak on behalf of all the actors, he was incredibly proud of them for taking up the roles.

Inxeba (The Wound)  tells the story of a gay factory worker who travels to the rural Eastern Cape to oversee the Xhosa initiation process of ukwaluka, only to have his secret discovered by one defiant initiate.
Following the uproar by those who feels that the film is not representing the society well as South Africa it is proper to think about the rights of others who would like to learn from the film!! South Africa is a diverse country with diverse cultures and languages represented and pose a major threat to film makers and producers.
Following the uproar about the film, The Wound, we must really try to answer the question, “Who are the target audience of our film”? The simple truth about creating a play/drama/film is to entertain, inform,teach and to mobilize the audiences.
What are we really angry about?
According to African culture, I am one of the people who should not have an opinion on the anger or lack thereof that the controversial film Inxeba … 
What is the proper way to express my views about the film if it is violating my values and/or culture? Whose views are we representing and how are we supposed to present them?
Why are we angry?
Is the protest and/or threats to the actors about representation or stereotypes played in the film? “I was beaten and intimidated at the mall by fans of a particular drama-as my role was controversial and appearing to make life difficult for the main character”,said Sbongile (not her real name).
The real problem with the audiences seems to be that they get too close and connected with characters. They even forget that what they are watching is not a representation of reality, but the reflection and views of how someone see the world.

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