Miranda Ntshangase celebrates love with her single titled “Lendoda”.


Miranda Ntshangase is a star that keeps shining, we also know that there is nothing that this Supermom can’t do. 

Among other things, this proud creative is an actress, singer-songwriter, wife and a successful business woman and 2018 seems to be the year for her to excel in everything! Still maintaining her role as Dr Biko on the SABC 3 long-time running soapie Isidingo, Miranda’s other main focus for the year is her music.

In celebration of the love month, Miranda has released her first single named “Lendoda” along with the music video. When asked about the title of her single and what it means to her : “This is a song very close to my heart – It is about the day I met my husband and how I felt at that moment, 12 years down the line and we are still together.”

 “The song was released late last year but we felt it will make more of an impact to release it again with the music video during the month of love,” adds Miranda, as she wants people to experience the kind of love she shares with her husband of 6 years.  

The single has already been rotating and playlisted on South Africa’s top radio stations and is available on iTunes/Google play and other digital platforms. 

The release of her first single comes as no surprise, given that the 31-year-old AFDA graduate has let nothing stand in the way of pursuing her dreams. From as far back as she can remember, Miranda always had a passion for music. Whether it was listening to the tranquil sounds of classical music from her dad’s hi-fi, or when she started pressing the record button on her tape recorder in the laundry room back at boarding school, the passion has been consistently there. “Music has always been something I always go back to, it makes the world right,” says Miranda. 

Miranda plans to release her second single mid-year and then her EP which will consist of her now current single “Lendoda” and 5 other songs. “Being an independent artist means things work slightly different for me and therefore I take my time to make sure my work is of quality,” shares Miranda. 

If her zest for life and unyielding determination is anything to go by, this musical creative, actress and business women is one to take note of as she prepares for the takeover! 

Engage with Miranda on the following platforms:

Facebook Page: MirandaNtshangas and MirandaNtshangase

Twitter: @MirandaMimzo

Instagram: @MirandaNtshangase

Download Miranda’s single “Lendoda” here: http://mirandalive.com/music/ or watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AskiOrV-1EY


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