What went wrong with Anele Mdoda interviewing Bathabile Dlamini on her show?


Johannesburg– The pay-for-play scandal that has engulfed her talk show, Real Talk with Anele, has destroyed the credibility of both her  name and personal brand on SABC 3 talk show.


It is reported that Anele has taken payment amounting to R500 000 (five hundred thousand rands) to interview Bathabile Dlamini as a politician and keeping it a secret to viewers in an 2 hour-long episodes in December  during the ANC elective Conference at NASREC.

The “talkfomercials”, produced by Anele Mdoda, the SABC, SABC3, Real Talk and the Cheeky Media production company, has backfired with many questions been raised as to whether it was fair for the host to charge the minister.

There are views that the show had seriously damaged the integrity, image, and overall credibility and trust of both her brand and the SABC 3.

How will the viewers going to relate to and with anyone, anything – any brand or product or service – that appear on Real Talk with Anele? Who recommends the guests to the show and what is their selection methods?

Anele Mdoda – the face of the show that is called Real Talk with Anele and carries her name – will have to act fast and do all the right things.

Anele Mdoda will have to go on her own show and apologize and address the issue head-on in an honest and forthright way. Anything less will permanently destroy her credibility and those of her producers, Cheecky Media.

Perhaps it would be suffice for the SABC’s and SABC3 to issue a statement about what happened, and the show? Transparency will help saving the skins of both the SABC and Real Talk about its own show.


Nothing will save the credibility of Anele Mdoda, Cheeky Media, Real Talk and SABC3, except their honest apology to their viewers. Failure to publicly apologise will further tarnish the image of her brand and may alienate her viewers.

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