Where is Pitch Black Afro, AKA Thulani Ngcobo?


Where is Pitch Black Afro? What Happened to him as he seem to have disappeared from the public spotlight?

Thulani Ngcobo is a hip hop musician from Orlando in Soweto. He is best known by his stage name Pitch Black Afro. His much popular songs includes Matofotofo, Izandla Phezulu, Bambelela Siyajika,Ngek’Ulunge,and Zonke Bonke, just to mention a few.

Thulani Ngcobo better known as Pitch Black Afro is an artist who once took South Africa by storm, but now said to be down and out – spending time trying to make ends meet.

This is a clear indication to all of us that it is difficult to be an artist in South Africa as there is no support for those in the music industry. People only celebrate artists when they are making it and once they are out and down, they are easily forgotten.

“Out of sight out of mind”. Only time will tell if Pitch Black Afro (Thulani Ngcobo) will pick up the pieces and come back to continue in the entertainment industry!!! The audience will continue waiting perhaps their favourite star will make a U-turn!!