Jub Jub changing his life from Pessimism to Optimism!!!


Jub Jub is a changed man and he is on the verge of focusing his life in a new direction. This seems to be a positive move in the process of rebuilding his life and career after the fatal accident which took the lives of four school children.

Jub Jub is aware that people will always have something to say even if it benefits them or not. The rapper, who made it clear that he’s not a fan of blurred lines especially where his personal life is concerned, said social media made it hard for a person to keep their private life away from the spotlight.

The lesson learned by Jub Jub from his experiences (crashing his car into a group of school children and killing four of them, and the years he spend in prison) in life is the importance to forgive oneself so that he can move forward.

“People always asks me about the accident and my life in prison”,said Jub Jub. you are trying to forget about the past and adjust your life positively, but people keep asking the same question about your history. People can pull you back if you are not careful.

The rapper said it just “wasn’t fair” for the parents of the children who were killed and left severely injured to relive their pain every time he has an interview.


Jub Jub said that he had a renewed purpose to positively impact the lives of young people and spoke proudly about establishing his Jub Cares foundation. Through Jub Cares the rapper does philanthropic work that includes school visits and motivational talks among other things.

“Right now, having dedicated my life (to what matters most to me)…my team and I, we’ve opened up Jub Cares foundation. (Because) I really didn’t like what I saw when I came back. You know, the way young people are affected by drugs and everything that is going on due to social issues. Jub Cares is a passion project and I have a deep desire to make sure that I make a difference with our youth, one child at a time. For me, that brings me peace…”

In addition to helping to make a difference among young people, Jub Jub wants to share his in a book, a movie and most importantly his music.

“This album that’s coming out… for me it’s the realest, most deepest, most sincere album that I’ve ever made and I don’t think there will be another album after this (one), like this.

“There’s more to life than what I went through, there’s better yet what I have to teach people and what they have to learn from my experiences.”

The music video for Awesome God will be dropping in two weeks’ time while his fans can expect his well-anticipated album in February 2018.

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