Young Metro: the South African born Recording Artist, Producer, Creative Director and Mixing & Mastering Engineer!!


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Briefly tell (talk to) me about YOUNG METRO with regards to who he is and what he does?

Young Metro is a South-African born Recording-Artist, Producer, Creative Director & Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Since Young Metro is your stage name, what is your real name, and where do you come from?

Sibulele Mnyanda, born in East London, but grew up in King William’s Town & Pietermaritzburg, and I am currently in Johannesburg.

You are an ARTIST | MIXING & MASTERING ENGINEER | CREATIVE DIRECTOR & PRODUCER, which title best describes you here, and why?

Artist, I’m a creative intellectual therefore I express myself, talk about my past experiences and share my views on certain topics and it’s my therapy.

Which label are you affiliated to and/or with, and why?

I’m Independent, I believe in ownership but once the right deal comes I’ll sign.

Which genre is your music, and why is that important to you?

  • Trenchwave (A new sub-genre of Hip Hop I created)
  • I made a new wave for artist’s from the trenches/hood/ghetto (if it relates to poverty and struggle its Trenchwave)

Can you talk me through your motivation and or inspiration in music,? What skills do you require to be able to be play music with confidence (effectively and successively)?

  • My motivation is making it out the ghetto/trenches
  • I’m inspired to inspire others
  • Bring Hope to the Youth
  • Skills required are talent, dedication, relentlessness and praying.

How long have you been making music?

  • For Seven(7) years ,but officially made my own music 4 years ago (from producing for myself, recording myself, mixing and mastering my music, in simple terms that’s when you could leave me all by myself in the studio and I’d make a good record)

Where and when did you learn about Music?

  • Boston City Campus in Pretoria, 2015.
  • Studied Sound Engineering, I didn’t even know what C# was nor anything theoretically about music. By September same year I dropped out as I had all the basics and fundamentals and continued studying music via YouTube.

Who are your dream collaborations?

  • Lil Baby ,Drake & Lil Durk because my sound is international
  • Locally Emtee,Nasty C (I came up listening to them and love their work)

Who are your target audience and/or listeners? Do you think you are able to reach them through your music?  How do you get your music to them?

  • Good Music Lovers I’d say ,because my music doesn’t have barriers of race/gender/age ,anyone can listen to my music
  • For me personally, my music is to inspire the youth and everyone from different walks of life
  • I reach everyone who listens to my music because it’s authentic, positive and spreading love.
  • Social Media is my transport to get through my music .

When did you start Singing/Songwriting, and Mastering & Mixing?

  • Started writing raps in Grade 8 (2010) during Art Class and would rap with my close friends, but I changed locations and schools and stopped until my mother asked me what do I want to study next year in Matric ,I was lost just like any grade 12 learner but still to this day I believe God directed me to music cause I responded to my mom by saying Music Production which I had no clue what that was but as long it had music ,I’m doing that till today I do what I love.

What is it that you expect the listeners/ audiences to get from the song? What does the song(s) communicate about your personal life as a musician as most musicians uses songs to express themselves?

  • My music is my life story
  • For me every song is different
  • Today I might feel happy I Trap, Tomorrow I’m sad and in my feelings I take it slow
  • For me it’s a feeling how I feel on that particular time/day and express myself in a relatable manner.

Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

  • All the Greats from Lil Wayne, Kanye West ,Drake ,Lil Baby
  • It’s the work-ethic, perseverance, dedication and longevity.

Which qualities do you think make a great (artist)?

  • Hard Work, Discipline and Being Humble.

What is your advice to aspiring (musicians) artists?

  • Never stop dreaming.
  • The hustle is sold separately from the dream
  • Keep grinding and be relentless
  • Work hard and Pray to God.

What are your Social Media Information?

  • @youngmetro_sa on Instagram


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