Interview with Koketso Charlene Kekana


  1. Briefly tell Me who you are and what you do? I am Koketso Charlene Kekana, a young lady from Pretoria and I am a “Make- UP Artist, Costume Designer, and an Assistant Director” in the film and television industry.

2. Where did you receive your training as a Make UP artist? At the Tshwane University of Technology Arts Campus.

3. Why is shooting for Camera and lights different than everyday make-up? It’s actually not, the only thing that needs to be monitored is a shiny face because.

4. What area of make-up industry is your favorite and why? Because I get to explore more on special effects Make-up.

5. Can you tell Me about winning an Award for Best Costume and Props Design. I worked on a theatre production “XOVA” which won the Standard Bank Ovation Award at the Nation Arts Festival. The day I got Nominated for the NALEDI THEATRE AWARD was on the 13th September 2020, I couldn’t believe it.

6. You regularly work with some of the most beautiful women. How does that shape your definition of beauty?

Does everyone look better with make up? The only thing I can say is that Make-up enhances what is already there, which means “Make-Up” complement what a person is rather than making them better..

7. What do you love most about doing make up? Getting different faces and tones to explore is the same as painting on a Canvas.

8. Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing make-up.? When I was expected to help out with “Special Effects Make-UP” for the very first time as an INTERN at the “Urban Brew Studios”. It was one of the most amazing moments in my career.

9. What is the most exciting and challenging opportunity you have had as an artist? It has to be me being part of the National Arts Festival twice doing “Make-UP” and “Costume” for both theatrical productions.  

10. What is the project you are most proud of? I’d say all I’ve done because I believe that I’m encouraged to do my best in my next project.

11. How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? I am an ardent user of Instagram and other social media platforms which helped me to keep myself abreast with the new developments, as well as learning from other artists.

12. What are your tips for maintaining a youthful appearance? Ladies need to give the skin time to breath and also drinking a lot of water can help a lot in this regard.

13. In your opinion, what are the common mistakes women make on their make-up? Choosing the wrong foundation.  

14. What cosmetic products do you use every day? I’d rather call it an essential Oil, Tea tree Oil and Epimax.

15. Can you name some of your favourite hair and makeup products to use? What three make up items should no woman leave home without? What is in your makeup bag? Gloss Powder and Eyebrow Kit.

16. What is the best advice you have gotten as a makeup artist? Less is more unless more is what is needed.

17. What are some of the projects were you involved in, and how important where they to you as a make-up artist? 

The project that I got involved in is “Gomora”, and I got involved in that production as an “Assistant Make- UP” Stand-by, and that reminded me of how really less is more when it comes to powdering artist unless there’s uncontrollable sweat or shine.

18. Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you? I sometimes work on theatre productions at

the South African State Theatre, and also on social media IG and Fb. @kc_Kekana Fb: If Charlene Cooper

19. What would you say is the most difficult part of hair and makeup business? Continuity of “Make-UP” and “HAID-DO” when it comes to TV Productions.

20. What’s been your favorite job you’ve done as a makeup artist? It was for the Amasiko Heritage Festival Project (AHFP) which included where I had to do body art on models.

21. What were your previous duties as a “MAKE-UP ARTIST”? I was doing make-up for a Photo Shoot.

22. How did you begin your career in this industry? I was called to work on my first theatre production “VAMPIRE” at the South African State Theatre’s Development Program (SASTDP), it was one of the most  interesting production for Me.

23. Have you ever had a time when a client left dissatisfied with your work? What did you do? I don’t leave room for such to happen, I interact with clients and ask them if they’re happy with the look or if they would like to change anything.


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