Interview with Pearl Nhlapo, Jewelry and fashion Designer

Pearl Nhlapo the Jewelry and fashion designer


Who is Pearl Nhlapo, and where do you come from?

Pearl Nhlapo is a young woman who was born in Vosloorus, in the East Rand, but grew up in Ratanda , Heidelberg where she fond her passion in jewelry and fashion design. As artists each one of us has got their own unique way of expressing themselves through their artworks”, said Pearl Nhlapo. “My life revolves around my constant need and desire to express my artistic edge, that is what I live for”, said Nhlapo.

Why did you decide to choose jewelry and jewelry and fashion designing as a career?

My love for crafting, jewelry and fashion design, started when I was a primary school learner after been taught by my grandmother how to use a thread and a needle to sow at the tender age of seven (7). My love and passion for using needles, threads, and scissors happened when I was still young as I would use my granny’s needles to sow accessories for my dolls. “Immediately after high school my love for crafting rekindled itself”, said Nhlapo. As I was doing my artworks, I always wanted a certain look that is suited to my personality and alter ego, I knew jewelry would do the trick. I chose jewelry and fashion designing so that I could serve a purpose to revoke confidence, excitement and self-appreciation to whoever that would be wearing it. I do not not mince my words when I say that “I believe I can redress low-self esteem issues and stereotypes through my craft”.

What according to you is a favorite part of being a jewelry and fashion designer?

Pearl believes that the favourite part of being a jewelry and fashion designer is to constantly been innovative. The fact that I am not limited to define my products and stick to one design or product, this is because innovation and creativity are ongoing. I also love the fact that consumers have a way to push me beyond my limits; when they request for custom made products they give you a challenge that you should always cherish because that is not only a learning stage but it is you breaking out of your cocoon.

A lot of things inspire my designs; bright colors give me vivid ideas for designs. I am inspired by our African Heritage and lifestyle, in most of my designs I am sharing tales of our beautiful continent. The interest to preserve the world and our memories of certain things through recycling also inspires my designs hence you will see jewels made from matchsticks, matchboxes, pegs, beer bottle lids, etc.

Define fashion? Tell me briefly about Pearl Nhlapo Kreationz.

Fashion is a form of expression, the manner in which we get to represent our true forms to the world. Pearl Nhlapo Kreationz is a recent manufacturer of hand crafted trendy jewelery pieces and accessories that are inspired by the African heritage and different cultures and lifestyles in various parts of the world. The aimed target market includes both women and men between the ages 18 and 40 who are outgoing or reserved, whether needing accessories for the workplace or social events

Jewelery  is not just a luxury if it has sentimental meaning attached to it; it is an expression of art that allows people to express themselves with confidence.

What types of artworks do you deal in, and why? Where do you get the materials for your creativity? Tell me briefly about the creation process of your artworks.

My artworks are artistic and that alone means they are versatile in form. They cannot be defined alone by my personal style but they are also very dependent on what people also like, hence I take custom made requests. I get material for my creativity from various stores and recycle material such as boxes, beer caps and plastics, all of this depends on the nature of the designs. The creation process begins with a mood board where I cut small pieces of my fabrics, beads and other pieces of my material and I play around with them to establish a new design.

How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

I do a lot of research with what I do to try and find out what trends a people are following in different geographic areas and then incorporate them with my personal touch. Most of my designs are inspired by things and people around me.

What do you consider the important facets of the fashion industry?

Ongoing creativity, innovation and versatility are what I consider as the important facets of the fashion industry.)l

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d say my personal style is more relaxed and artistic. I love drama that is more reserved when it comes to my appearance.

How comfortable are you working hands with models and other designers?

This artistic edge within me that always requires me to express myself artistically always drives me to wanting to explore my craft with different people from different backgrounds and with different styles. I’m very comfortable working hands with models and other designers. That is key to discovering new things for me.

How would you relate past and present fashion trends?

I think present fashion trends are the modified versions of past fashion trends. This is enough proof that trends don’t really die out but mature over time, this is much past and present fashion trends relate.

What You are Like Outside of Work:

  1. Are you passionate about something apart from fashion?

Definitely. I have passion for music and creative writing. Before establishing my business I always wanted to maneuver my old jewelry pieces and wear them when performing my poetry or music.

  • Name a few of the magazines to which you are subscribed to?

Glamour SA

People Magazine

Rooi Rose


What You Know:

  1. According to you, who is the most stylish celebrity

Nomzamo Mbatha takes the trophy for me. Her sense of style is both elegant and beautifully playful.

  • Do you have any plans for improving the fashion industry?

Yes, my go to plan for improving the fashion industry is providing content in its purest and original form. The fashion industry requires people to express their unique nature in order to be versatile. We’re different, therefore the industry can never lack space to accommodate designers in their different styles.

  • What trends are you following in the fashion sector currently

African print designs and vintage jewelry.)

  • Describe something that excites you about the fashion industry

What excites me about the fashion industry is that it has expanded to a point that there is no right formula on how to penetrate it. It is led by creativity.

  • Name a few of your favorite fashion writers, designers, stylists, photographers, etc

These are some of my favorite designers in the fashion industry; Gert Kotzee, Thula Sindi, Thabo Makhetha.


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