Maru the Revelation Chapter 2

The advent of Covid-19 in the country and Its impact on the lives of Creative people.


“Maru the Revelation Chapter 2″is a project that was created to glorify and honor God Almighty for His mercies and grace upon Mr Moeketsi’s life after having faced the storms of life. The song is sung with a bold and confident voice which appears to be saying, “I know the Lord will make a way for me, for me”, which lays bare the hope and faith that is placed on the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am healed is a track from which the audience and/or listeners will learn to trust in God Who is both the healer and the restorer of lives, especially for those who trust in His saving grace. On the other hand, the track is a “statement of faith or confession by someone who had laid their faith in God with the expectation that God will heal them. Worship and praises are words of faith to extol God for Who He is in our lives and what He has done for us through the cross of His one and only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Here, Moeketsi speaks like many who got touched by the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ and ended having a song of praise like many others who got healed by the man of the cross. I am healed

“Ke tsamaya jwalo ka botlhe, lenna ketle ke mo rorise. Ke thabile ke fodile, ke bona ka mahlo”, this are the words spoken by the blind Bartimaeus (whose name is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means Honorable Son) who got healed by Jesus Christ. I am healed is a confirmation statement to speak about the changes which has happened in one’s life. “I am healed”, said Moeketsi. My back was aagainst the wall, been hopeless and on the verge of giving up, but the Lord God Almighty came through for me and saved my situation.

When asked about the title of the single track Moeketsi had the following to say, “I am healed” is a song dedicated to God for healing me spiritually after losing my father in 2017. I was confused, discouraged and on the verge of giving up on everything in life, said Moeketsi. I consider music to be the language through which to express one’s feelings, hence I wrote the song “I am healed” to express my loss.

I have other future plans about my project “Maru the Revelation Chapter 2” been on the pipelines whilst we are still dealing with the issue of Covid-19 and other related challenges. Moeketsi conceded that even though he had envisaged to have produced other projects in the five years of his plans, he agreed that nothing is guaranteed until it manifests physically for all to see. In music time flies like a lightning with events changing overnight. My long term goal was to have my music reach national radio stations, but to date it is still played at the local ones. Interestingly though, in Botswana it has reached national air-play whilst in the US (United States of America) “I am healed” is on the rotational air play in Donna Walton Gospel Radio Show and other gospel radio stations.

“I managed to promote my single through Social Media and friends who continued played my music on radio stations until a request was made for me to upload it”. “I still need to grow as a Gospel Music Composer to a professional level, said Moeketsi”. He conceded that so far he has produced 300 hundred songs. For me the challenges brought about Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise as it has given me the opportunity to reflect and yielding to the Spirit of God to tap into my God given creativity.

I would advice the youth not to give up and not to let their dreams and visions fade away. I think collaborating with other musicians would be a good thing, but for now I am still on my own. “I would love to work with artists such as Jabu Hlongwani, Judith Sephuma, Winnie Mashaba, Tshepo Tshola, to mention a few, said Moeketsi.

It is very difficult for an artist to work on a project without sponsorship at it is more demanding as one would be expected to channel his resources (money, time, and creativity) in order to make it in life. One of the gravest mistakes which artists can make is to abandon their projects at the last minutes when confronted with challenges. “I ,somehow, believe that every challenge has a solution and will present an opportunity to learn in order for one to still reach their goals”, Moeketsi said.


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