Characters Review on Scandal


The young and beautiful Violetta is married to a renowned politician and gangster Mamba, but her heart is set on being with Simo.  Though the plan to rob Gloria of her wealth was the duo’s plan, she becomes jealousy when she discovers that Grace is pregnant with Simo’s baby and decides to takes drastic action.

Gloria has come back to her senses as she remembers her only son, Romeo Medupe, who warned her about Simo’s intentions to reap off her money. Romeo’s character would suffice to be around in this episodes to deal with Simo’s characters and to prove to his mother that he was right all the time when he suspects Simo!! Unfortunately it is too little too late for her to regret not having listened to him.

Viewers were excited about the new affair between Seipati and Lerumo who seemed to be a match made in heaven. By the time we saw Bohang spying at the couple, who were kissing at the door, we knew that he is going to try come between the two love birds.

Bohang recommends Lerumo to attend a detective training course for a month so that he can have a time to mend things with Seipati. He pretended to be a real policeman who upholds law and order and ensuring the safety of those who are vulnerable.

In order to scare Seipati and to make her feel unsafe Bohang decides to release one of the criminals whom he send to scare Seipati at night. He ensures that when Seipati calls for help he is the one answering the call so that he can appear caring and protective.

On the other hand the viewers did not like it when Mamba decides to lock Simo and Violleta, who are tied, in the car and make them to fight for the gun. The viewers expected Violetta to emerge succesful, but unfortunately Simo did. Now the question is: “What is going to happen to Simo, seeing that his accuser is dead?”


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