Another single track by Tshidi Cuna!!!


Tshidi Cuna has produced another single track titled, “Lord You are Beautiful” a year after the release of her hit track “Thath’uqobo Lwami” which was recorded in May 2018 and came out in December 2018.

“Thath’uqobo Lwami” was a total surrender and yielding completely to the WILL of God Almighty whilest the later (Lord You are Beautiful) seeks to pay homage and gratitude to God for His goodness and mercies which are new everyday.

Lord you are Beautiful came before “Thath’uqobo Lwami” even though we delayed its release as we were still working on it. The track is going to be released on the 25th January 2020 in collaboration with Mthetho Mbatha, who is the producer.

Tshidi intends to market herself by releasing another single track prior working on a full album. The single will be released online stores, but people can still buy CD’s from her.

Tshidi is doing self-marketing and promotion and she is grateful to all the people who are supporting her by buying her music. On the challenge of self-marketing and promotion she indicated that when doing self marketing is constrained by time and space,said Cuna.

The current track is better than the first one because it came out at the right time, and it is lively. The song is a personal confession for the Lord’s goodness and grace upon my life and it will remind people to thank God for whatever He does for them even if it seems small, said Cuna.

Cuna is grateful to God who made it possible for her to work with people such as Mthetho Mbatha who is a performing artist, singer, songwriter and CEO of Soulid Entertainment Media.


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