Revelation of a Visionary!!


Seeking to please God can be a very daunting experience especially when someone is still young and having conflicting views and expectations about life. Meanwhile we have others who try to find the WILL & PURPOSE of their lives from God Almighty.

Today we are looking at a project entitled “The Revelation”, which is the 1st project by MARU. When trying to interrogate our guest we learnt that the meaning behind the tittle is about the unveilling of the untold stories that God revealed to Maru. Even though God has good plans for us, it is up to us to align ourselves and to cooperate with Him if we want to be in His Will.

Like many other young people who feels not worthy and/or ready for the Will and Purpose of the Almighty God, MARU also tried to escape the calling. When asked if he has found the way Maru said, “Yes because now i understand that when God calls one must obey rather than trying to escape.

MARU conceded that like any other person then he has endured lot of challenges and conflicting interests due to his age and priorities. Our artist was a KWAITO artist who was influenced by musicians such as Mandoza, Trompies and Alaska. In fact i looked up to them and wanted to be like them when i grow up, said MARU. “I was attracted by fame and the desire to make quick money, said Moeketsi.

I grew up as a christian and had backslide because i wanted to experience youth life in addition to trying to fit among my peers. I was trapped in habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol with a view of experiencing life. The turning point in my life came when i got sick and was bed ridden to the point of death.

The new single track that MARU produced is entitled, “I am healed”, which speaks about his personal life and testimonies about his real life. I want to take the track up to the international market as it helps spreading the message, said Maru. He is concerned that the South African Music Industry is affected by piracy and the industry which is not rapidly growing.

His advice to the upcoming artists is that they must stay away from substance abuse as it has the potential of destructing their talents.


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