Tshidi Cuna’s Thath’uqobo Lwami Single Track!!!


Listening to Tshidi Cuna’s single track titled, “Thath’uqobo Lwami” can make you think that she is a gospel singer who has been in the industry for decades. The song is so meaningful, especially when listened in relation to our service to God Almighty. The song is simple and easy to follow and has a unique way of creating a conducive mode of worshiping.

Tshidi’s passion for singing started long in 1999, but began to take it seriously after receiving Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour. Even though she started singing in the late 90’s she only recorded her single track in May 2018 and came out in December 2018. When asked about the meaning behind the track she said, “It is my first song and the beginning of my work in music by God’s grace. I am dedicating my career in music for His glory” said Tshidi.

Tshidi is doing self-marketing and promotion and she is greatful to all the people who are supporting her by buying her music. On the challenge of self-marketing and promotion she mentioned, ” the challenge of been one and not been everywhere all the time”.

Cuna is grateful to work with people such as Mthetho Mbatha who is a performing artist, singer, songwriter and CEO of Soulid Entertainment Media. Mthetho has produced albums for Keke Makhetha and two of his own called Themba Lami and Dwala Laphakade, respectively. He is now working on producing other artists like Tshidi Cuna and Londiwe Mbatha among others. Having grown and been school in the rural KwaZulu Natal-South Coast, Mthetho Mbatha is passionate about music and worship.

The good news is that Tshidi’s new album will be released next year (2020) early in the year. Interesting though she has an advice for the aspiring music- she said, “Do not rush into doing things but wait for God’s timing”. Tshidi is happy with the positive feedback she is getting from all those who bought her track.

It is up to Tshidi to continue working on her upcoming album so that she does not disappoint her music lovers who are waiting eagerly for the new relesae. Only time will tell if she will manage to deliver the project on time!!!


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