Modernity and Tradition:Where do we draw the line?


Zinzile Ngema, whose real name is Gcina Nkosi, is known by the Viewers of’s Scandal know as a traditional Zulu woman who obeys her husband all the time.

Things changed when Zinzile decided to overlook her husband’s decision not to further or register for her studies with the college. Even though the character is traditional and respecting her husband, she still believes that it is important for women to voice their opinions and for their views to be respected.

At some stage when trying to follow closely at the character one can observe that even though there are those elements of “shyness”, facing down when speaking with others. The character is not believable when crying on stage. Conclusions can be made about the character that her facial expression is not convincing or rather showing us a character who was crying. Interestingly she has made her conclusion that her husband, Mlungisi Ngema, is having an affair with his employer, Grace Medupi, after seeing the pair talking whilst sitting closely together.

On the other hand we are introduced to the character of Romeo Medupi who worked tirelessly to get Mthunzi trapped to avenge for Siseko Langa’s death. The once powerful and clever Mthunzi is trapped and is on the mercy of a stranger man whose son died from Mthunzi’s actions. Mr Murdoch who was once a renowned businessman who turned a drunkard and a sickling is seeking answers from him about the death of his son.

Whilst Boniswa and Xolile are excited that Romeo has managed to capture the man who tormented the family and had killed Mr Langa, Chumani seems to have moved on with his life. Even though the Langa family and Romeo appears to have cornered Mthunzi their biggest threat is Chumani who does not agree with them for the decisions they make about killing Mthunzi.

Will this be the end of Mthunzi or are we going to see him again as the storyline continues remains to be seen. As for the audience they are excited for the fact that the “villain” who tormented and killed Siseko Langa and his family is cornered. The audience’s wish is for the character, Mthunzi. to vanish for good in order for the Langa’s to move on peacefully with their lives.


  1. Zinzile was caught up in a difficult position as she had to respect the decisions made by her husband, and on the other hand ensure that she keeps herself abreast with the developments happening in the country. I think she did well by standing her ground and that has send a message to men that they must also respect the views of their wives.

  2. Women are treated unfairly in the society such that if they do not stand up and voice their dissatisfaction no one is going to represent them. It is petty that women are not united as they are from different geographical environment, and that makes them to be alone when challenges face them. Maybe a countrywide campaign to educate people about the human rights of others will help a great deal.

  3. Poor Zinzile, she must just try to get out with Neo Mokgethi so that she can learn life. The Big Man is trying to draw near to her though treading very slow and careful.


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