What about the Local Voices!!!


One of the challenges that most people encounters daily is the pain of watching local and talented people who struggle to get the support in order to produce their artworks. It is no secret that the creative industry is more competitive and artists must be really competent for them to get their artworks to reach their target audience.

We have (in South Africa) many independent artists in our communities more than before the dawn of democracy and that calls for a special attention in the sector. The dominant genres that appears more than others is film and music. To date i have watched, read and listened to books, films and music produced by local artists from the local setting.

Judging from the themes, lyrics and story-lines produced by these local people, one thing in common is that they both talented. The main challenge faced by the local artists is financial constraints to buy sophisticated equipments and/or hiring of studios from which to produce their artworks.

On Friday, the 8th of March 2019 i was lucky to be included in the number of audiences watching the film entitled “Friends”. The film was interesting even though there is much work that needed to be done in terms of editing, sounds, effects, lights, etc.

Local Talent portrayed on stage by Mapantsula. Costumes, gestures and the acting style is familiar to the audiences!!!

South Africa as a country is going through a tough time with a high number of young people who are unemployed, and that is a course for concern. It must be considered that the intention of all these artists is to avert unemployment and want to be able to put food on the table. What need to be done to promote local talent?


  1. Workshops, more workshops and training in addition to resources. They must also be taught the skills in business so that they can operate like real business as they use such talents to put food on the table.


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