How must the Audience View Mthunzi’s Character?


Bongile Mantsai’s character as Mthunzi in the ETV Soapie, Scandal is confusing and shows a lack of direction by the producers. In the recent past we raised some few questions about the character and how he is not getting exposed for the crimes he has committed, especially for kidnapping and killing SISEKO LANGA.

Mthunzi and Xolile are husband and wife, even though their marriage is build on lies, cheating and self interest. He is having an affair with Yvonne who was married to Siseko Langa, the man he has kidnapped,killed and has taken over his business empire.

It is sad to note that the storyline is continuing with this character not been exposed for who he really is, and face the full might of the law. Few things about the character and what should have happened to him:

(a) The character is not believable in that he is made to get away with every crime. We believe that the character (Mthunzi) should have been exposed long time for the crimes he has committed, which include: the kidnapping and killing of Siseko Langa, his affair with Yvonne and the lies he is carrying.

(b) Why is he still staying under the same roof with the Langa family as that proves that he does not have his own house?

(c) Why is he not visiting his families, or get visited by his business associate if he is indeed a businessman he claims to be?

The story-line with this character (Mthunzi) is not believable and it really pricks our hearts as we want to see justice prevailing rather than crime. There is no way in real life were a person can just emerge from nowhere and get entrusted with the responsibility of taking over all the responsibilities of the family without some scrutiny.

We believe that Siseko Langa’s business associates should have made contact with Mthunzi to ask for legal advice and /or clarity on legal matters: that would also help in revealing his schemes. Maybe his clients should have asked representation at court- which means Siseko would have been thrown in the deep.

Lastly, nothing is been mentioned about the status of the business, let alone contact by clients or Mthunzi been worried about a cause of things about the business. How is the business sustaining itself if there are no real activities going on such that the business can generate income?

In December Soapie fans raised their dissatisfaction with the villain Mthunzi getting away with murder and have threatened to switch channels if he is not exposed soon. Hundreds of fans took to Twitter on Tuesday to voice their frustration with Mthunzi and the storyline.

To date nothing has been done about the character who continue dominating the Langa family. He is so powerful that he is even warning Boniswa to tread very carefully. Who is this character and why is he given such powers by the producers?

The problem with the storyline now will be how to eliminate Mthunzi’s character after letting him get away with crime. Who is going to be the main man in that storyline? The story will take a different direction if the following is done:

(a) Why not bring back Siseko Langa and pretend that Chichi had connived with friends and released him after Mthunzi was no longer committed to her, and that the person they burried was the wrong person?

(b) It was going to be interesting to discover all the lies, kidnapping and the motives of the Mthunzi character.

(c) Ma-Maduna’s character would also be exposed as she is hiding a criminal that she knows very well.

The criminal cannot continue to torment good people and keep getting away with it!! I think the producers can still bring changes to correct their mistake of exalting a criminal in their storyline.



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