South African Music Industry has lost yet another talent!!!


The South African Music Industry has lost one of its hip-hop star, Jabulani Tsambo fondly known as HHP who is alleged to have killed himself. Those close to the family have reportedly detailed how he spoke about feelings of  hopelessness and how he felt his life was spiraling out of control in the days before his death.

According to Sowetan the hip-hop veteran is suspected to have taken his own life and that his body was discovered in his bedroom by his helper. The paper states that in HHP’s last few hours he had claimed he was “losing it”.

“I’m depressed. I’m going out of control. I’m losing it.”

The Music & Lights hitmaker had in the past opened up about suffering from depression.

During an interview on CliffCentral two years ago HHP  admitted to attempting suicide three times in 2015 and that he had visited an online suicide website in an attempt to help him get information on how to end his life.

In a statement issued on Wednesday evening HHP’s family called for privacy as they mourned his death. “At the time of his passing he was 38-year-old.

According to studies done by University of KwaZulu-Natal researcher Lourens Schlebusch, an estimated 7 582 South Africans die by their own hand every year and 20 times that number attempt but fail to take their own lives.

Suicide is a critical issue in South Africa but it can be reduced and prevented. There is treatment for depression and other mental health issues, help is available. SADAG not only runs a 15-line toll-free counselling and referral centre but also offers community outreach, education and counselling to under-resourced communities, in schools, and in corporations.

In addition, SADAG works with the South African government and medical aid schemes to increase political commitment and funding for mental health care and ensure that sufferers are treated equally. SADAG can be contacted on 0800 21 22 230800 12 13 14, or


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