Is Hope with Zola the same as Zola 7?


As the countdown continues for the much anticipated Hope with Zola, which is a new take on what used to be SABC 1’s Zola 7 fans are just grateful the show has seen the light of day.

While Zola has already shared that he’s back to doing “exactly what he was born for” Moja Love said they were inspired by the host’s passion for helping communities and had to “give the people what they want”.

And, Zola is happy to be back.

“Zola is known for his passion to empower those that are previously disadvantaged. He is passionate about improving the lives of black youth. Zola believes that he will be able to leverage his network of influencers to support change and transformation agents within communities to bring about true and sustainable upliftment,” said Moja Love’s Aubrey Tau.

So how different is Hope with Zola to Zola 7?

“The key distinction in the series Hope with Zola is that it focuses on building sustainable development projects within townships and rural areas. For development to be sustainable it is best to empower communities instead of individuals (another key distinction) so that the projects are owned by the community and therefore benefits the community at large.”

So how is it going to work?

“In this half an hour long docu-reality show Zola digs deep into his network to connect a myriad of South Africans to form a movement that brings hope to the hopeless.”

It’s been more than five years since Zola 7 and Zola and Moja Love felt that now more than ever, South Africans need hope to overcome their struggles.

“Zola will leverage his network of influencers to support the catalyst or change agent in the community to realise the project and achieve an enduring change.”

And for all of us with no access to DStv channels, like Moja Love… They also have you in mind.

“We intend to conclude a licence agreement with the SABC after the initial run on Moja Love that will ensure that Zola’s general base will also have access to the content.”

That’s nice!



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