How much are actors supposed to earn for their acting skills?


The issue about how much an actor, artists, should earn for their performance skills is not easy to deal with in South Africa as the acting industry is not regulated. How much does a brilliant actor supposed to earn for his/her acting job as a worker? Why do we have different actors been paid different salaries whilst playing in the same productions.

In this sector competition is rife and actors (artists) are left to fight their own battles as they jostle for positions in the local productions. How many actors are bold enough to walk away when what they are offered does not match the worth of their craft?

Many actors and actresses compromises their worth as they want to gain entries into productions after been out for a long time. If acting is your profession, what do you do in order to put food on the table if you are labelled as a difficult person who knows their worth?

The production house tells you they need you but they don’t have enough budget and we jump. Of course the problem is that, actors are humans who must cater for their family’s needs (put food on the table). At times it’s true; they don’t have money because the channel hasn’t paid. There’s a lack of regulation also at play. The ones who state their worth stand out.”

“We have interviewed few actors who conceded that they have issues with the acting industry as they expect more from actors but are not willing to match the job with the salary. Why do we have few individuals and/or actors appearing in more productions when there are hundreds of them without employment? Do you think the issue here is that there is a dearth of actors or that people are accepted based on how they are willing to compromise their self worth in exchange for meager salaries?

What do you think need to be done in order to level the playing ground? Do you think actors are earning enough in this country? What makes certain actors get paid more money than others? Write and/or talk to us about your views on Sign In or join us to comment on this article.


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