Kagiso Modupe on his plans after e-tv show,Scandal!


Johannesburg -The announcement made about the departure of Mangaliso Nyathi character from the e-tv drama series, Scandal, is devastating to his fans. It is been announced that Kagiso Modupi, Mangaliso Nyathi is leaving the show to pursue his other talents. Mangaliso ‘Mangi’ Nyathi, will be appearing on Scandal! for the last time in May 2018.

What will you be doing after Scandal!?

Mangi has recently achieved 16 out of 17 of his goals which are part of the journey of self discovery as an artist. His journey out of the show will include marketing his music, launching his book soon,and he is also working on a film with his daughter, although I cannot say much about it.

He leaves the show, “After Scandal” on good terms!. He indicated that he will still be acting and taking on other roles on TV. Mangi has been a good character who was convincing and liked by the viewers. Kagiso Modupe has got a talent that makes him be able to portray any character that he is given in the show.

Mangi was not hesitant to disclose that whilst he was a character in the show he also learned a thing or two from characters such as bra-Sello Maake and Sandy Mokoena who  taught him lot of things. Even though his character has interacted with many other characters, one will not deny the chemistry between him and people such as Brighton and Mapaseka, whose energies were different to others.

Yes. I’ve always liked interacting with people. Like I said, I am a people’s person so radio for me comes naturally. It’s not one of those things which I have to force or use my celebrity status to get into. From school, I’ve always had music in my DNA. When I am on stage it also feels natural, I does not feel foreign or forced for me. Even when I’d MC e-tv roadshows, it would become easy and fun for me.


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