What will happen to Reneilwe after the case?


The story-line on Rhythm City about Reneilwe’s kidnapping and the persecution she went through is both educative and an eye-opener to the audience. Reneilwe was so relieved at some stage after managing escape from the warehouse where she and the other girls were held captive (by Musa and his cliques).

Reneilwe’s escape was short-lived as Detective Robert manages to lure her back into captivity (Warehouse). Det. Robert followed Reneilwe to her apartment and told her to come to the police station so that she could help the rest of the girls escape from the warehouse.

The other interesting developments of the story is when Detective Madikgetla and David Genero team up to try and trick Musa into believing that she is also in the “pimping game” by posing as Lynette Radebe. She (Det. Madikgetla)tells Musa that she’s looking for a girl for her client. She must be sexy, not too tall, have a very pretty face and should be in her 20’s. The plan is to get Musa to offer up Reneilwe.

Robert threatens Madikgetla, and our hopes of getting justice served against the corrupt police investigator, Robert, fades away as he continue to threaten Reneilwe about her life.

Lessons learned from the story-line:

  • Young people must be vigilant of the schemes of kidnappers as they prey on their unsuspecting victims.
  • Corruption is rife in this country and we must not trust everyone who comes to us in the name of a public servant (Police Man) as there lot of bogus polices.
  • Report (to the police) suspicious people who deals in suspicious activities.




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