Reneilwe is re-kidnapped by the bogus Police Investigator


Public pressure mounts over Rene’s disappearance with Mr. Khuse heading to the radio station to plead with the community to help find her.

The audience are angered by a bogus police investigator who works for Musa or rather the underworld mafias. Audiences were relieved for a moment when Reneilwe finally manages to escape from Musa and his group of thugs.

The relief was short-lived as Reneilwe is lured into following the bogus police back to the kidnappers. The re-kidnapping of Reneilwe is unfair as the audiences expected the character Reneilwe to get her freedom back.

Do you think Reneilwe ACTED stupidly by trusting the bogus INVESTIGATING POLICE who promised her safety before TAKING her back to MUSA & his thugs? If you were RENEILWE what would you have done IMMEDIATELY after ESCAPING?

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