Vatiswa Ndara is a new characters in the Muvhango Story-line


Muvhango’s fans are confused by the changes in the story-line which brings major changes simultaneously in the story. The popular SABC 2 drama totally pulled a Generations: The Legacy stunt on all its viewers nation wide!

After ending one episode with the announcement of Thandaza’s death (played by Sindi Dlathu), Muvhango fans were not ready for the sudden twist that followed thereafter.

The reason given by “Team Muvhango” that it was not Sindi’s departure that forced the story-line to change leaves much to be desired. Their reasons  for the changes were that they felt they owed their viewers a fresh scenery, new faces and a riveting storyline,”said Muvhango publicist Amanda Ngudle.

Viewers went to bed mourning the death of Thandaza and the next day James was marrying an old businesswoman. Thandaza’s husband, Ranthumeng, was married to Imani (for one year already) and they had a son. Livhu, who was pregnant just the day before, gave birth and was hosting a first birthday party for her daughter. Tebogo and Mulalo also had a child and Mulalo was no longer mayor of Thathe.

The following would have helped in making the audience understand the story-line:

  •  THANDAZA should have been given a proper funeral as she is popular and one of the senior characters who played in the story.
  • The relationship between JAMES and the BUSINESSWOMAN should have been introduced gradually leading to their marriage to let the audience understand what is coming.
  • RANTHUMENG’s marriage to IMANI is (rather) more confusing as there is already a son born to the couple. The story-line is confusing, and does not convey a sense of reality to the audiences/viewers.
  • LIVHU, who was pregnant just the day before, gave birth and was hosting a first birthday party for her daughter. Why not ALIGN the content of the story to the TRUTH/REAL life as it happens IN THE REAL WORLD?
  •  TEBOGO and MULALO also had a child and Mulalo was no longer mayor of THATHE VILLAGE. It really does not make sense for the viewers to ACCEPT the sudden change in the story-line without SHOWING their confusion!!

Here’s what you need to know about some of the new characters. If you know these ones then you are well on your way to understanding what is happening on the new Muvhango.

• Vatiswa Ndara plays Moliehi Zikalala

Moliehi is a fierce a businesswoman, whose husband was a powerful businessman before he died.  In the new storyline, she’s the woman who marries James. Although she may love James, she’s older than him and that causes “concern” for other people.

She’s not without ulterior motives though, she has her eyes set on taking over MMC. Maybe James is just a pawn after all…


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