Nomzamo Mbatha on graduating: I wore a face of failure for a long time


Nomzamo Mbatha received her accountancy degree and attended the graduation ceremony at the University of Cape Town on Tuesday. And wow! The whole of Mzansi was just in their feels.

Speaking to Metro FM, Nomzamo explained what pushed her to continue with her studies, even though she was doing quite well in her acting career.

“For the past five years that I have been in the industry, every year in January it was so hard for me because there was this thing that reminded me that I had a certain incompletion and dropping out and a certain failure. Despite all the things that I was achieving, it just wouldn’t go away.”

Nomzamo said she didn’t want have the cloud of an incomplete task hanging over her and that she had to do it for herself to show that she was capable.

“I felt like I wore the face of failure for such a very long time. I knew the responsibility that I had. I understood the badge I wore and the badge had to have an effect now. For me, it was understanding where I am and completing it for myself.”

In addition to the fact that she’s now a qualified accountant, it was Nomzamo’s dress that had Mzansi in the feels.

The dress had the South African Depression & Anxiety Group’s toll free number printed on it. It also featured pictures of the people that she’s lost in her life. She also added the words ‘resilience, courage and overcome’ on the dress.

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