Who is your favorite character between, Romeo Medupi, Quinton Nyathi and Mangi Nyathi?


There are new developments with regard to the story-line on Scandal. Our characters of choice had grown and the story is moving forward in both positive and negative ways.

It is interesting to see MANGI NYATHI been voted-in unopposed to be the CEO of NHF, the position he has served on in the past. Is Mangi really going to use the position effectively to prove that he is an asset that the NYATHIS requires to get their company, NHF afloat!!!

QUINTON NYATHI is stepping down from the CEO position of NHF company following the scandalous TWEET that he has send from his account. It is not clear if it is Quinton who send the Tweet,but it is surely send from his account. To SAFE the company from negative publicity it was agreed that he steps down in order to safe the reputation of the company.

On the other hand, ROMEO MEDUPI is dating his boss’s (SISEKO LANGA) daughter and it seems like they are getting along very well. Romeo’s character have grown as he relate well with his new lover, Siseko Langa’s daughter. How far is Romeo going to take the relationship and how is Mr & Mrs Langa going to say about the relationship?

What is going to happen to our favorite characters? Are you happy with the changes that are happening in the storyline? If YES what is REALLY interesting to you and if NO, what is it that you wanted to see happening?

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