Trevor Noah and “The Daily Show” Popularity


South Africa has produced some famous celebrities in the last century, many of whom have achieved fame in Hollywood and abroad. As South Africans we have every reason to celebrate when our country is placed on the world map following the achievements by our countrymen.

Trevor Noah has been in America in the last two years hosting“The Daily Show”, which seem to be the most followed and watched show in America. SA-born comedian Trevor Noah has definitely made his mark as the host of “The Daily Show”‚ and is such a perfect fit that people often mistaken him to be an American.

It is interesting that even when people refers to Trevor Noah as “Hollywood elitist‚ “he did not hesitate to set the record straight that he is from Soweto‚ not Hollywood”.

Of course Mzansi’s starts are making it abroad and are not ashamed to quickly set the record straight when asked about their backgrounds. In “Born a Crime,” Noah expands on what life was like during and post apartheid through the lens of his experiences, something a documentary about comedy in South Africa did not leave room for.

Throughout the book, Noah makes it clear that a part of recounting his experiences is to pay homage to his mother’s choice to fight against systems and challenge both communal and governmental norms in South Africa in order to create her own reality within her community. He notes that her longing for education, religious connection and higher quality of life enabled him to truly grow into himself.

During his formative years, Noah’s mother taught him six languages, including English, in order to give him the ability to survive within their environment and navigate the world. Overall, Noah brings his fans down to earth.

The raw reality of struggles within community, hunger, identity, domestic abuse and the law within South Africa are all given life. His work offers truths of the world that his fans and readers may not know. The book gives South Africa’s communities a beating heart—something that all readers would benefit from.

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