South African local talent going places!!!


It is no secret that there are talented young people in the country whose artworks is aligned to music and entertainment. The mood in the country has turned sharply negative with the slowing economy, massive unemployment which continue to dominate the country.

Amidst all the challenges facing the country, there are young people who are doing their best to make ends meet. Joshua and his team are not deterred by where they are situated nor the shortage of resources.

Tirhisano Youth Media is a media initiative who uses their God-given talents to make film using “raw talent”. One of their favorite project which continues to be spoken about in the community is their movie which is called “Rejection”.

Even though the team was working without technical resources such as the decent set (scenery,or stage)and costumes, they were able to pull the show perfectly. I marveled as I watch them improvise and use different gestures to entertain their watching audiences.

The brains behind this marvelous initiative are Martin Rabaloi,(who is both the Scriptwriter and Director), and Joshua Mashao (who is the Cameraman and Sound Engineer). When asked about his background about directing films and script writing, Martin said, “I have learned the skills during my final year at the University of Limpopo when completing my studies in film production”. On the other hand, Joshua indicated that he was the “Sound Engineer to (BBSA)Big Brother South Africa” where he learnt the skills in sound engineering.

When asked about their future plans, the producers said that they want to produce the movie using local and untrained talents to prove that there is talent in their village. We want to celebrate and expose the talent in from our village. We want to show the world that even people from the villages are creative even though they are facing a dearth of resources, and where the environment is not enabling.


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