How much does it cost to be a celebrity in South Africa?


It is very difficult to become a celebrity in the world where competition is rife, and where people have to be creative in order to be recognized by their fans. Celebs like Zodwa Wabantu, Skolopad and Buhle Mkhize have dominated local headlines for over a year, not for any other reasons, but for appearing naked on public platforms. And like that circus, many people can’t keep their eyes away from them, whereas on the other hand others think they have gone too far.

Do you think that global culture is accelerating at a very fast pace such that we start questioning the norms and values that we embraced for so long?

Perhaps it suffices to say that the world is fighting against its own ideals. “We’re in a state of confusion”.

Remember, we live in a country (world) where we are told to be free and fearless, but at the same time teaching us to be good citizens and be good role models for the young people.

Zodwa, Skolopad and Buhle are challenging societal norms which seeks to model good behavior as opposed to downgrading humanity by doing the unusual. Zodwa herself alluded to this when she explained that her decision to wear revealing clothes sans panties was to inspire woman to be comfortable in their bodies and not hide who they were. Well, maybe we may ask the question about self respect!!!

Buhle challenged the boundaries of social media with her topless pics and twerking videos, but very few of us expected to see those kind of “antics” move off Instagram and onto the red carpet at both the Metro FM Music Awards and Durban July this year with the arrival of Skolopad and Zodwa Wabantu.

Fashionistas were supposed to inspire with their outfits, not flaunt their semi-naked bodies on the ‘gram. Nurses like Skolopad were supposed to be caring for people not gatecrashing events and stealing all the limelight.  Did they not know their place? Had they not read the memo?

Finally, these are the people that we know, our sisters, neighbors, our children, mothers, and whatever you relate with them. They are the people we could relate to, even if we didn’t want to admit it. We saw someone who was just like us. Someone we knew. And not what TV had taught us celebs should look and act like.

Both Skolopad and Zodwa Wabantu are nominated for two gongs at the Feather Awards. The two will go head-to-head in the “Drama Queen of the Year” and “Socialite of the Year” categories.

It is alleged that the two upcoming stars refused to take pictures with each other during the event. “Those in glass houses should not throw stones”



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