‘What Can We Learn About been an Artist in South Africa?


There is a precedence in South Africa where artists are only celebrated and remembered only when they have passed on. The disturbing thing about this trends is that people tend to even speak about the things that disturbing the families of the deceased from mourning for their loved ones.

It may seem plausible to conclude that the Creative Industry of South Africa is not doing its job of uniting and representing the artists in this country. There are very good and talented people who are and have contributed positively to the lives of the people in the country.

In the recent past the country have just mourned the death of Mduduzi ‘Mandoza’ Tshabalala, Joe Mafela, Ray Chikapa Phiri, and most recently Dumi Masilela and Anthony Motaung, popularly known as Fatty Boom Boom, or Tsekeleke. 

Why do we speak a lot about the artists when they had passed on? There is too much that has been circulating on social media and news outlets about the deceased. Since the death of the Rhythm City star in an attempted hijacking earlier this month, false reports about Dumi and his private life have flooded social media, including claims of deadly illnesses and relationships troubles.

The recent reports about the star’s salaries was also fabricated, with figures ranging from R7800,00-R9000,00 per month.  Why does all these false stories about the deceased emerges at a time when they cannot defend themselves from their critics? It is believed that some of the stories doing rounds on social media were meant to discredit or tarnish the reputation of the stars.

“People can write what they like, they can say whatever they feel like, but they did not know the real Dumi. They can make up nonsense using his name but we know the truth about Dumi and the kind of man he was,” Mbongeni said.

Dumi Masilela has been the subject of several false reports since his death earlier this month. Image: Via Dumi Masilela’s Instagram

“It doesn’t really matter how the family feels about it (the fake reports) we are just focusing on the future and we won’t let gossip ruin his legacy and our attempt to move on,” family member said.




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