TV Show: Broken Vows


If there’s one thing that Broken Vows taught us this week, it’s that the pursuit of love is not always easy. But it was heart-warming to see some of our favourite characters fighting for the love they deserve.

Mam’Gerty and Shona
Mam’Gerty has been trying very hard to ignore Shona’s proposals. She’s a religious woman who was worried about breaking her marriage vow to Ace. But this week, she decided to trust her heart and divorce Ace. We love seeing her happy with Shona.

Thandi and Uhuru 
We can’t get enough of our favourite lovebirds, Thandi and Uhuru. This week, Uhuru finally arranged the lobola negotiations. We can’t wait to see Thandi become an official Moswane Makoti.

Azania and Chris
Their marriage has been under a lot of strain in the past few weeks, so we were very happy to see them get romantic. This marriage is obviously very complicated, but we are still rooting for Azania and Chris.

Lulu and Lebo…or Lulu and Mandla?
We don’t know how to feel about this – and clearly neither does Lulu. She’s always been very close to Lebo, but now that Mandla is in the picture, her love life is a little – busy. She seems to have genuine feelings for Mandla who also happens to be married.

Which Broken Vows couple are you rooting for?



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